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Elaine Jamison
June 16, 1930 - September 25, 2006

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By: Edmond Austin Sep 28, 2006
Pat & Cliff
I want you two to know that your Mother was always happy to see us little monsters when we would come to visit when we were little. Your Mother was always so happy with smiles and hugs, the hugs is what I needed and she always had a lot for me. Chicken Gumbo is what comes to mind when i think of those times and for desert corn bread in milk and sugar, what good stuff when you didn't get milk often.
I really Loved you mother. She was always calm and even and kind. God knows we needed her in our lives.
My hart goes out to you Pat and Cliff and all the Little ones that I do not know, However you Mothers suffering is over and she if off having a good time huging kissing and carring on with Donl the gentel giant...

So here is to you Pat & Cliff I love you both.
I loved Antie Elaine .....Her life was good and long and she IS still with us as long as we remember.....and I for one will always remember...
Eddie Austin

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