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Jim Umbehr
October 20, 1929 - November 27, 2006

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By: Brooks Dec 9, 2006
I'd like to believe the most important thing a man can accomplish in this life is the legacy he leaves his family, his friends, the lives of those he has touched. Jim's legacy is like that and he touched all of us in his own very special way. He will be deeply missed...but not forgotten.
By: Bill Plunkett Dec 8, 2006
Last year, i was part of a road trip that took me 2 places
i have never been, Gulfport MS, and Conroe Tx, the purpose
of my trip was to help a friend of the family in a time
of need. That family has been part of my life ever since
i moved to NC nearly 10 years ago. after 2 days of driving
i was finally at a place i would dream to call my home.
This was not the first time i had met Jim, but it was the first time i was ever seeing life from a different point of view. In the 2 days i spent on the ranch in conroe
i was able to get to know Jim on a more personal level,
his warm smile and his absolute magnatisim as a person.
I am proud to say that i knew such a caring and loving
person, who in just a brief 2 day visit taught me more
about the liitle things in life that really matter then i
have come to realize my 24 years before.
By: Bob and Kathy DeMartino Dec 5, 2006
Bob and I have been privileged for the last 10 years to be a part of the Umbehr family. Jim made this relationship special to me as letting me be so proud as to call myself his other daughter (M.O.D.). Since realtionships were a very important part of life to Jim, he recognized the Love we had for his real daughter Kihm, and that helped him in adopting me into his heart easily. In coming home from spending the time with his family to celebrate Jim's life, and helping them to ease the pain of his sudden lose, I am honored to say that I have never felt so much warmth with in a family towards the friends and family that came to remember Jim. Anyone who knew him had a kind word, and a place in there heart that Jim had touched. I am grateful to have been able to be part of that celebration, and I am proud to have this family always welcome me as one of thier own. "Dad's wing", will always be around me, and I will always remember his warm, caring smile, and his funny one liners, and jokes to make me smile. I hope this family knows that there is nothing in this world I wouldn't do for them, any of them, and that I will always keep there father close in my heart along with his entire family as my own.
By: Martha McManus Dec 5, 2006
This is my second tribute as I must not have saved the first. Hugh is out of town or he would be with me in sending our sympathy to Jim's family today. We were competitors and friends. Jim was such a gentlemen and such a great guy that as we met at new postings around the world seeing him was seeing a friend again in a new city. How fortunate we all were to be involved in a life style that enabled us to meet the caliber of men and women such as Jean and Jim. We will all be together again, somewhere, sometime or another place. Our love to Jean and Jim's family. Thank you, Jim, for being there when you were needed. Sincerely, Martha and Hugh McManus
By: Bobby D & Evelyn Wagner Dec 3, 2006
As I told our friends, the ranks are getting thinner.
When we heard the news, we as always began thinking of all the good times. It was a great pleasure for us to know Jim and Jean and the children.
So many of us have been blessed with the wonderful things that we have been able to do during the past years and the wonderful people that we have gotten to know. We do not always keep in touch with each other but none the less we do not forget each other. Bless you all.
Your old friends,
Bobby D & Evelyn Wagner
By: Margaret H. Hare Dec 2, 2006
As I add your name to our list of "Gone Before" the thing I remember is that you were always fair and above all a gentleman. I started as a salesman with Magcobar when there were few if any females serving in that capacity. I was newly widowed, needed a job, and was willing to "give it a try". It was hard but you and Jean were there to help in your own quiet way. Thanks
See you around at the Great Mud Pit in the Sky.
By: Hufham family Dec 2, 2006
Jim Umbehr will be missed for many reasons; his kindness and generosity, his curiosity and easy going manner and, not the least, his ability to always find a good story or joke to add to the conversation. Blessings to his family and friends as they gather to celebrate his life. May you be comforted in the sharing.
By: lakey Dec 2, 2006
A person cannot do better than having a friend like Umbehr. I was one of the lucky ones. Unbehr and I have been friends ever since our meeting in Fort Smith, Ark.in the mid 60's. There are lots of stories that would bring smiles and laughter to all his friends but the one thing we all know---Umbehr was one of the very elite, Magcobar salemen. Jim along with Jean tirelessly represented our company to hunderds of our customers over the years and many today feel the loss as do I and his family. I last saw Umbehr at our September retiree lunch. We sat together and did what old retiree guys do---talked about our family, recalled some of our times good and a few not so good time together.

Thanks for all the great times Pal---See you around the corner--------lakey
By: Bill McBride Dec 1, 2006
I have not seen Jim since we were in Singapore in the 70's. We had our "Friday night lights" watching Keen and Kevin play. I wish Jim God's speed to his next assignment.

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