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Raymond Roy Daniel
August 3, 1922 - January 27, 2007

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By: louann Jan 31, 2007
MR. D as I always called him, taught me alot about business, relationships, and respect for others. He always looked at the positive side of everything and everyone. I admired and respected Raymond Daniel, he was like a second father to me. I will miss him dearly
By: John Daniel Jan 30, 2007
Uncle Raymond was a tremendous inspirataion to me and so many others.He was serious about his faith and ALWAYS had such an upbeat attitude and very funny jokes. He planted seeds in many people's lives i am certain, but for me he was a hero as he lived his life- a successful husband and father ,business man, and a generous and gentle Christian.As a son of the King he made us proud!
By: Vickie Hallmark Jan 29, 2007
I thought he was a great guy he always had a nice word to say to everyone. Going to miss him coming in and saying hi.
By: Rose Rodriguez Jan 29, 2007
Mr. Daniel was a wonderfull gentleman. In the time I have known him.. he was always a Postive Thinker. Full of Energy & Entusiasm in whatever project he started.
The #1 thing that made him stand out as an employer was the fact that he always gave praise for a job well done, and always entertained us with his great sense of humor. Loved his family, his life and I am sure he is now exactly where he wanted to be at this time..
Loved him, respected him and was proud to have known him and his family.
By: Byron Putnam Jan 29, 2007
Raymond's life and love of life were a source of joy to us all. He brightened up my life with his humor. I cherish the friendships that I have had with this home.


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