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Albert L. Verm, Sr.
September 23, 1938 - February 12, 2007

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By: Jessey Feb 16, 2007
When I was 5 my Great Uncle Albert slipped me a candy bar when we were in his shop and told me not to tell my moma that he gave it to me. He was afraid she would be mad at him for giving it to me. My moma would never get mad at hr Uncle Albert cause she loved him better than any uncle around. I will miss those kind of days. He was my great uncle and I loved him and still do. And I love my great Aunt Myrtle Jane too.

Love always,
Jessica Laura Hamby

By: Kendra Phelps Feb 16, 2007
I did not know Mr. Verm personally until days before he died. However, I have the honor of working with and being friends with his daughter, Alice. Although I did not know Albert personally, it is very clear to me that he was quite a wonderful man. He raised a daughter who is one of the most generous and humble people I know. Her love for her Daddy is evident and we know that she is terribly hurt by his passing. But, we pray that she and her family will find comfort in knowing that her Daddy is now her guardian angel. Who better to look over you from Heaven than the one who watched over you here on Earth? We love you Alice, and we are here for you! God bless you and your family always.
By: Troy & Alesha Vem Feb 15, 2007
It's a deep mystery
This matter of life & death
That the same person who brought us a thousand joys
Can one day leave us shedding a thousand tears
So suddenly, sometimes
That we grope blindly for words left unspoken
And for the hug we needed to give, to say good~bye
And we wonder how this thread that holds us all to life
Can be so thin & fragile
Until one day, we find the courage to accept
That the living aren't meant to understand death
Only to celebrate life
And to remember that the only real death is forgetting.
By: Troy Verm Feb 15, 2007
I would like to say a good tribute to a GOOD & HONEST man, that's my Uncle Albert Verm. A man of hard working principles & a achiever in each area of his life. Many don't know but I can say my Uncle Albert started the first "Fuel Injection Shop" in the State of Texas. History was made, I'm proud to be a part of it, because I worked with my dad in his "Diesel Fuel Injection Shop #2". When Uncle Albert & Dad got together along with Uncle Bobby Verm, the conversation always turned mechanical. My Dad went to see Uncle Bobby before he died & I'm sure they talked about motors, transmission and fuel pumps most the night. But the most important conversation was based on 1 question, had he accepted Jesus into his HEART? and yes he had. Also Uncle Albert had too. So today we know they are both with the Chief Mechanic and his name is JESUS.

Love you, Troy
Proud of my Dad, Billy Verm

By: Beverly (the favorite neice) Feb 15, 2007
How can I write a tribute to my favorite uncle. The only thing I can say is that I love him very much. He was the best uncle a girl could want. There can never be another man like my "UNCLE ALBERT". He and my "Aunt Myrtle Jane" shared a love like I have never seen before. It is sad to lose someone you love so much, but it is even more sad to see them suffer as he did. I love you..

By: Mary Alice Brown Feb 15, 2007
To my best and only brother in law. I'll miss you.

Love you,
Mary Alice
By: Beverly Feb 14, 2007
My prayers are with you during the days and years to come. Always remember the love you shared with Uncle Albert. He was truly ONE OF A KIND. We loved him all the way down here in Alabama.

Rudy, Beverly, Jamey and Jessey

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