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Clara Moline Smith Sheffield
February 13, 1925 - January 24, 2008

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By: Mae Sheffield Feb 5, 2008
Moey, you are so special. What a blessing to have
such a precious mother-in-law. I can't believe
you are gone. You left us so quickly. I love
you and miss you very much. I'm looking forward
to seeing you again in Heaven.
Love, Mae
By: Love, Dusty Jan 29, 2008
Soooooooo many wonderful memories. I stayed weekends sometime, hanging out with Randy. But, the best part of those weekends? Aunt Moline delious cooking. She was a wonderful lady and aunt, she was such a lady.
By: Kendra Jan 26, 2008
My Beloved Moey -

I miss you so very much, but I know that you and Pops are together again and are now our guardian angels. You are the light of our family and we will keep that light shining until we meet again.

I love you,
Kendra Lee

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