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Robert J. Charles
May 14, 1943 - May 23, 2002

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By: claudia hartin-Potter May 27, 2002
I have been so blessed to have had Bob in my life for the last 10 years. You know, it was the kind of friendship that we could tell each other everything, be there through the good AND bad times. He was like family to me, and we never failed to tell how much we loved each other. He was the most generous and thoughtful person I have ever known. And that zest and positive outlook on life that we should all emulate. I

was lucky to spend a few hours with him the Sunday before he died. Alert at times, we tried to remember the crazy things we had done through the years. At one point, he looked at me with those

still lively, blue eyes and worriedly asked, "Am I dying?" I thought for a minute and responded, "Guess we are all dying,Bob.....we just really don't know when. I could die on the way home on these crazy Houston freeways, you know?" I love you, Bob.....until we meet again.
By: Cindy Keigher May 27, 2002
Most of my memories of my Uncle Bob are ones from my childhood and young adult years. I visited Jodi and Uncle Bob many summers and always had a wonderful time. I remember him as being full of life and fun to be around. He had an amazing sense of humor and was always so fun to be with. Our activites would involve a range of things from picking rasberries to riding horses. I think back on that time in my life and it truely makes me smile. I thank him for giving me such wonderful memories I will cherish forever.

As I got older and they moved away I wasn't able to see them as often. However, he did attend my wedding in 1996 and I was also able to see him a few years ago when my husband and I lived in Texas.

I will always remember my uncle as someone who made us all laugh, who was very sensitive and caring. But most of all I will remember him as someone who I cared a lot about as well. Someone who cared about me and was a wonderful person.

I love you Uncle Bob! Find peace and happiness where you are and know that you are missed!!

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