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Margaret W. Rutledge
September 21, 1940 - June 7, 2002

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Carol Vacek


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By: Carol Vacek Jun 13, 2002
Dearest Margaret,

My husband, Vic Vacek, was a co-worker of yours at WPI. Vic knew you well over 15 years and you held a special place in his heart. He always said that you were truly a friend and an valuable asset to WPI. Your kindness to me was very much appreciated and I know that you thought Vic was as special as I did. Now you are b oth in heaven looking down and taking care of all of us here on earth.

Thank you for your very being and please know that you are in our fondest memories.


Carol Vacek

By: John Haney Jun 11, 2002
I had the great honor to work with Margaret for over 18 years. She was a good friend. I am sorry to say that after I left the company I did not stay in very touch with her, which I regret. I first worked with her in Houston distric sales office at WPI, I must say she kept me out of trouble. I was young and green and she helped me a lot. I could go on forever with great stories about her, but I will spare you. My heart goes out to her family which she loved dearly. Even in death there is good. That good is that Margaret is now with her beloved Kevin. They have a lot to catch up on. God bless you Margaret, I will miss you.

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