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Misty Rae Parrott
December 5, 1982 - June 15, 2002

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By: Tucker Mar 26, 2010
Dan You hit it on the head it would not be heaven with out her. Every smile, every word she spoke was a gift. The most genuine and loving person I ever met. She taught me how to play the blues on the guitar. How to play the piano. How to appreciate the little things the add spice to life. I hold tight to her memorie and only recently accepted the sad truth that she is actually gone, secretly hoping her passing was a cruel joke and she would pop out around a corner and surprise me... The time we shared still burns bright in my heart. I miss you now and always.
By: Paul Miller Jr. Jun 27, 2002
Sorry for the mis submissions above.

Misty was a very special person. She was very special to me and will remain in my heart forever.

It is sad to miss her here on the earth but there is an eternal future ahead for being with her.

She is with her Grandfather now and I know he feels our sadness at her passing but he is happy to see her.

Fortunately we shall all be together soon.
By: Dan Miller Jun 25, 2002
Misty was an "angel" who lived on Earth. She brought much joy to those who knew and loved her. In our sorrow, we ask God, "Why?"; but the answer doesn't come. I can only guess, but maybe He needed our angel in heaven more. We know you are in a much better place now, but our hearts will always ache when we pause to think of you. You are missed by all of us!

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