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Kari Michelle Baker
December 8, 1983 - July 19, 2002

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Tributes Add Your Tribute
By: Amy Bell Aug 5, 2002
Kari was so sweet to me always. She was a great cousin and I really loved her. As we got older we didn't always get to see each other all the time like we used to but I still loved her and I wish we could have seen each other more often. She reminds me of myself cause she had the curly hair and so did I and we both straightened it and I think it's kinda funny how we both did that! She always smiled and was always nice and helpful. I will always remember her and one day I will see her again! Kari- I love you!

Aunt Karen- I feel so bad that all of this has happened and I want you to know that I love you and I hope we will see more of each other and if you ever need anything just tell us! I love you!

Uncle Don- We havent known each other for a long time but I love you too and I'm sorry that everyone including you have to go through this but at least I know that the family is here to help any of us out during this tragedy.

Kyle, Julie, and Chas- Ya'll are all great cousins and I love ya'll and if you ever need anything just call!

To the rest of the family- I love all of ya'll!

Kari I will miss you!
By: Krista Darden Jul 29, 2002
I am so thankful that I had Kari in my life. She was such a beautiful person inside and out. I will never forget the beautiful smile she always had on her face. She was an angel on earth and now a perfect angel in heaven. Our family will all be together again one day Kari. I know you will be looking down upon us everyday, and you will forever be in our hearts. I love you so much.



By: Lisa Donihoo Jul 28, 2002
Kari could make any day brighter with her genuine caring attitude and warm

smile. Kari's beauty and love will continue to shine here on Earth through

all of us who loved her.I believe Kari is not gone she has just gone ahead.

I know myself and our family will never heal from this tremendous loss,

Kari was a cherished part of our lives.

Kari, you will forever be in my heart, please come visit me often,

I love you! - Aunt Lisa

To My Sister - I feel so inadequate at being your sister right now,

I so wish I could take away your pain. Please know that Kari will be

with you always and she will want to share in all your joys. Remember

that we are all here for you, we want you to lean on us. I love you!

To My Brother-In- Law - I know how much you loved Kari! Thank you for

being there for my sister, you have been a pillar of support for all of us.

Julie, Kyle and Chas - Know that each day you are in my prayers.

I know that time will lessen your pain. You each were so blessed

to have a sister like Kari, she is now in each of your hearts, I hope

there is some small comfort in that. I Love each of you,

Please remember that I am here for you all.

All My Love, Lisa

By: Kris Knezeak Jul 26, 2002
Kari brought sunshine into any room she entered. It has been the saddest and most painful part of my life. We were blessed to have Kari for eighteen years but find it very difficult to endure losing her. She truly was an angel on earth and is now one with God . Please pray for Kari's parents and her family. We will never get through a day without the tug of pain in our hearts because we carry that love for her. Kari, your sweet smile and your genuine love will be missed dearly. I Love You!! Aunt Kris
By: Savannah Hanson Jul 25, 2002
When I heard the news I could not believe it. I refused to believe that God would take away someone who so loved life. Someone who made the best of every minute. I would not be the person I am today without her influence in my life. I met her my first day of 6th grade when I moved to a new school, from then on we were inseparable. We have been through so much together. My heart broke when I had to move to Pasadena for 10th grade and leave the only people that I really cared about. Kari was not only my best friend; she was my sister in every way, shape, and form, except by blood. She knew everything about me, and I knew everything about her. We had a bond together that is rare in life, and I am so lucky to have been a part of her life. I know that she was loved by so many people, and I send my sympathies to everyone who ever came in contact with her for even just a minute because that was how long it took to fall head over heels in love with her.

Mrs. Dille: You were definitely a second mom to me. I am so sorry for your loss and I am always here when you need me. I don’t know if the pain will ever stop but I am just so glad to have known her and been a part of her life.

Mr. Baker: You were the best ‘dad’ that I ever had. I love you SO much! I will never forget all the wonderful times that we had together. They will also forever be in my heart and I will keep in touch with you. I love you!

Kyle and Chas: The little brothers that I never had. I love you two so much and remember that I am also always here for you. You were both a huge part of my life and I love you both with all of my heart!

I will carry all of my memories with me around in my heart forever. Her pictures will be plastered all over my house throughout my life and my children will know who their ‘Aunt’ Kari was and how special she was to this world. God Bless!

Seize the Day

Just a moment in this lifetime,

Just a tragedy ahead.

Not knowing where each turn will lead,

Within seconds we might be dead.

Live each day to the fullest,

Do not stop to wonder why.

Do everything your heart desires,

In dreams, reach for the sky.

Surprises at every stop sign,

With its share of wrong ways and dead-ends.

Statistics don’t help you with the future,

They only tell you where you’ve been.

With so many people among us,

There are no certainties.

And all it takes is just one person,

To reroute history.

Don’t waste one single moment,

How very precious that they are.

What seems a long way off,

Is really not that far.

Teal Henderson

By: Kathy Duguay Jul 25, 2002
Kari was a natural beauty inside and out. The loss to our family is so great that I fear my heart will forever be broken. It is such a tribuate to Kari to have so many wonderful friends that loved her. I am sure that Kari can feel that love. Please keep her parents in your prayers as they heal from this tragic loss. Days will pass but Kari's memory will burn bright for ever more.

We love you Kari Michelle Baker.


Aunt Kathy
By: Heather Patton Jul 24, 2002
I just wanted to say that I had known Kari since the sixth grade and she was one of the nicest people I have ever known. The main thing I remember her talking about was her hair, as every one of yall already know. She had the most beautiful smile in which I think she got from her mother! At one point me and Kari were really close and we were always there for each other and I am going to carry that on and let everbody know, expecially her family, that I am now here for you!!!

Heather Patton

By: The Adams Family Jul 23, 2002
We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to you and hope that the Lord

will comfort you in your time of need. The heavenly father allows certain people

to come into your life and brighten your days. We believe Kari was among those

people. Kari was an angel and will be greatly missed, but forever remembered.
By: Jason Parsons Jul 23, 2002
A friend is someone you can confide in, someone who shares happy and sad moments with you, someone you can talk to, someone who will be there for you, or someone to just hang out with. Kari was all of these to us and so much more. I've never lost a friend this close to me before, and it's hard. I'd like to send my deepest sympathies to her family and friends. We miss her greatly and we know--whenever we want to see that "sweet smile," all we have to do is look up.
By: Christie Coats Jul 23, 2002
It's so difficult for me to express the words. I know that there is nothing that I can say to

help your loss. I just want to convey how much Kari will be missed by all of us.

She was always so sweet and talkative to me when she was over at my house or at

Outback. She would share things that Jason wouldn't tell me...It was so funny when I

would bring something up and he would ask how I knew these things. I kept my little

secret that Kari likes me enough to tell me!

She was such a sweet, precious person who touched many lives in a positive way. You

have much to be proud of.

God bless,

Christie Coats

By: Christie Skramstad Jul 23, 2002
Everytime I looked at Kari she was ALWAYS smileing. I ment Kari out Outback, where we worked together, and everytime she came to the hostess stand she always had something funny or cute to say! She has sooo many admirers and she will always be missed and always in our hearts. The last night i worked with her, She had her hair in pigtails....and i told her that i was going to start calling her "Pippy"....Well I love you Pippy and wait for me in heaven.
By: Catie Yingling Jul 23, 2002
I didn't get the chance to know Kari that well, but from what I did get the chance to learn was enough. Everytime I saw her at school or at the mall, she was ALWAYS smiling and/or laughing. She had a way of making people feel like everything was going to be ok. She was so much beauty and she had a way of making your day brighter if she even looked your way. Let us all remember the life that Kari lived and the happiness that she brought to all that knew her instead of remembering her tragic death. Let us remember her beautiful smile. I knew her brother through a few classes that I took with him the first semester, so I knew him better then I did Kari. Kyle, if you need anyone to talk to, you know that you can email me ANYTIME. You are also welcome to call me ANYTIME, but it is long distance now since I just recently moved. YOU ARE WELCOME TO AT ANYTIME THO'. My prayers and love go out to Kari's family and friends. God Bless and please be safe!!! ~Catie Yingling~
By: Tammy & Jamie Hanson Jul 22, 2002
Kari was a very smart and gentle person. She was one of those people that could smile at you and it would make your day brighter. She loved her friends, her family, and life.

When we lived in Montgomery she was mostly with my sister in law, and together they were a pair. Where you'd see one you'd see the other, always laughing and having fun. That's when I got to know Kari.

She made you feel so good when you talked to her.

We will all miss her very much.

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