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Shara Nicole Sawyer
November 14, 1979 - September 28, 2002

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By: Shannon Sawyer Oct 17, 2002
Gosh.. Where to start.

I remember Shara as a darling little girl that loved life!! I meet her when I first moved to Texas about 16 years ago.. She lived 2 houses down from my grandmother, and we became Great freinds. I will never forget what a wonderful person she was and what great parents she had, she was always an envy of mine. Shara you are very loved and very missed. I will never forget you!! I know that you are in your daddys arms and forever in out thoughts.

Love Always,

Shannon Sawyer

p.s. Please take care of my grandmother that just come to visit!!

By: Jennifer Hartman Oct 1, 2002
"I met a lady in the meads

Full, beautiful - a faery's child,

Her hair was long, her foot was light,

And her eyes were wild.

~La Belle Dame sans Merci

John Keats

By: Charles Sawyer Oct 1, 2002
I remember Shara as a beautiful, cool refreshing breeze. She whisked through our lives, refreshing us as she passed, always happy with that big wonderful smile she had for everyone. She seemed to pop in and out of my life at odd times, completely unexpected. I remember too, when she was very small, riding back to Louisiana from Texas; we were all grief stricken by her father’s death. We were bringing Mark to Morgan City for burial. Little Shara was in the back seat of the car looking out of the rear window. Suddenly she said, “I see my daddy.” “He’s up on that cloud waving too me.” Mary Lou and Claire tried to quiet her down, but, no she saw what she saw and there was no stopping her. I thought as I drove on, “Who am to doubt what favor God may grant his babies.” I think that moment defined her life to me. I asked her years later if she remembered, but she didn’t. But I did, and there are some things I will never forget, “Little girls that see angles”. I am sure she is with her daddy now, waving down to us all, and on her face is that big beautiful smile we shall never forget.

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