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Eva Joy Lawson
November 25, 1970 - October 28, 2002

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By: Kenny and Paula Mann Nov 1, 2002
Dear Phil, John, June and family, Nathan, Ellen and family, and church family,

We are hurting with you at this time, but we are so thankful that we have the hope of eternal life in God's kingdom. Eva was always so special and we are all going to miss her very much. Her laugh always brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. May God's peace and comfort surround you all. Our love and prayers are with you.
By: Jewell Linville Nov 1, 2002
Phil, Nathan, Ellen, John, June and families:

Words are inadequate at such a time of suffering as you are experiencing. May it bring some measure of comfort to know that others care. I care. I hurt for and with you. I am so sorry. May the God of all comfort do His mighty work in your lives and give you strength at this painful time.

Love to all,

Jewell Linville

By: Kristi lANG Oct 31, 2002

Your loss is felt by many. Eva was a beautiful person, both inside and out. I have so many memories of Eva both as a child growing up and as adults. As kids I can remember slumber parties and Eva would come up with a great practical joke. When we'd get "in trouble" no one ever believed it was Eva's idea. Because Eva was too sweet to think of something like that. As an adult I remember the fun she like to have, but I also remember her giving nature. Whether it was cooking food for a youth group retreat or for a dinner. She was always willing to do whatever she needed to do. We'll miss her.

Our love to you and Tearyn. May Tearyn be a reminder of the lovely person your wife was.

By: frieda robinson Oct 31, 2002
Our heartfelt sympathy to all of Eva's friends and family in this time of great loss. Our prayers will stay with you all. Frieda & Alton Robinson
By: Gail Rincker Oct 31, 2002
For Phillip, John & June & family, Nathan & Ellen & family...In the midst of this great sadness you can be glad that Eva's life on this earth from start to finish has been surrounded by God's love and His Word, and that she claimed Him for herself and lived in such an exemplary manner to show Christ's very presence living in her heart and life. Scripture assures us that we do not sorrow as those who have no hope...our hope is in Christ, and we know that Eva's life is safe in His hands for eternity. Just cling to Jesus and to one another, claiming all the comfort and promises for a wonderful future that God gives you. In the words of an old hymn, "by and by we'll know all about it...by and by, we'll understand why". Love to you all, in Christ our Saviour and Friend....Gail Rincker
By: Juanette & Destiny Henley Oct 31, 2002
Phil, Tearyn, and family

As many have said "I am so sorry!!!!!!!" I just wanted to express a few words to let everyone know how much Eva has impacted my family. She was my daughter's therapist. She was great at what she did and she did it with such passion. She came once a week to our home for an hour and most of the time even longer, know that she was only required to give us 30 minutes of her time. In all this time spent we were able to get to know her really well and feel that she was a friend to us, almost like family. I remember the last 12 months as if they were yesterday. I will continue to remember her in the next days, months and years to come.

Tearyn, you must know that your mom was very special, and someday you will get to meet here again to know for yourself. We are all praying for you and your family that God gives you all the strength and courage to pull you through this.

With Deepest Sympathy,

Jimmy, Juanette, and Destiny Henley

By: Vernon and Rosa Peterson Oct 31, 2002
John and June and Nathan and Ellen,

Vernon and I send our love and prayers to you at this very difficult time. Our hearts go out to you. Know that the same God that gave life also gives peace. We cannot comprehend the magnatude of your loss but we suffer with you and want you to know that we love you very much. Phil, We love you also. God Bless you!

By: Darla Mills Oct 31, 2002
John, June, Kela, John, Phil and all Eva's family,

We want to express the sadness we feel for your family! We can't imagine your loss but please know that we are lifting you up in prayer! John and June, you have become so special to us here in Denver! You are wonderful people! God is faithful and He will see you through! Please let us know how we can help! We love you! Sean and Darla Mills
By: Rachel (Estep) Jones Oct 31, 2002
I am blessed to have gotten to know Eva at Spring Vale. I remember her as always kind, very smart, honest, humble, a hard worker, honest, fun, and beautiful. She was adored by her close friends and it was easy to see why. Her faith in God was strong and she walked uprightly. To her parents: you can be very proud of the daughter you raised. I know she has left a humongous gap in many, many lives and my heart aches for you all. I pray for God's peace for you and also that little Tearyn will know, by our testimonies, what an extraordinary person she was. Phil, you and I have never met but you will have my prayers for a long time. May time heal but may the memories stay clear. God bless you and Tearyn.
By: Fern Mayhugh Oct 30, 2002
Our love and prayers continue to be offered up for all members of the family.

My heart hurts for you in your loss and I pray God will ease your pain at this time.

Continue to trust in God.

Christian Love,

Fern Mayhugh

By: Angie Kennedy Oct 30, 2002
My sorrow runs deep. You were a beautiful soul and would have been a great Mom. I hope your new daughter will hear many wonderful stories of her beautiful mother. You will be missed by all that knew you.
By: Lisa Alpha Oct 30, 2002
Our thoughts and prayers are still going out for all the members of the family.

Remember to trust in God. He is still there for you. If there is anything I

can do to help your family in this time of sorrow, do not hesitate to call

me. I really do care.
By: Nelson Minica Oct 30, 2002
Being new parents ourselves it grieves us deeply to hear of your loss. The only comfort we find is this reminder that we are not home yet. Our prayers are still with you.

Isaiah 57:1 The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. 2 He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.

By: Sandra Orrick Oct 30, 2002
It seems that all anyone can say is "I'm sorry." It does not begin to explain what most of us are feeling, but it's all we can offer in words. I went to Washington Junior High with Eva and I didn't see much of her again until I started attending the Seventh Day Church, where she was already attending. I want to say that I have enjoyed the past few months with Eva more than any other time. We compared our pregnancy woes and complaints together and teased each other too. I have learned a lot from Eva from her Christian example and I hope to be able to apply it in my life. She was a woman who volunteered her time to the children when she didn't have any in the classes that were hers. That seems to be very rare to find now. Though I cannot make sense of this situation no matter how hard I try, I do still believe that God is always in control and that he does know what he's doing even when we question it. I will miss Eva very much. Hearing her laugh would make me laugh! I know that she would have been a wonderful mother. If I can do anything for the family during this time--and after, please call on me!--

Sandra Orrick
By: Ida Russell Oct 30, 2002
I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest sympathy to all of the family. I know this is a very difficult time for all of you.

May God strengthen you each day and bless each of you.

Ida Russell

By: Cynthia Lang Avalos Oct 30, 2002
I am so sorry for this terrible loss. Every day of your life is one day closer to seeing Eva someday in the kingdom. I will be praying for your entire family and that God will be close to all of you and give you strength as you have never known.
By: Bettie Rankin Oct 30, 2002
Even though I never really knew Eva, I knew her parents, John and June Crisp very well.We have lots of memories to share, and I am deeply saddened and share their sorrow in the loss of their precious daughter.My prayers,thoughts and deepest sympathy are with them, with Phil and the new little baby. God's wonderful peace and blessings to you all. With love, Bettie Rankin
By: Ron & Jeanne Skelton Oct 30, 2002
Our deepest sympathy and love to Eva's many family members and friends. We sorrow with you in your great loss. Phil, we have never met you, but please know that we speak Comfort, Peace, Healing & Strength over you and Tearyn. We serve a God who is the God of all Comfort, and it is He who holds you in the grip of His mighty love. John & June, our hearts ache for you in this loss of your sweet daughter. We love you, and our prayers are surely with you. In His Great Love, Ron & Jeanne
By: Robert Thompson Oct 30, 2002
Phil and Family.

Only you know the grief that you are going through. We can only imagine, although we have experienced the loss of loved ones. My prayers and thoughts have been with you and will continue to be with all of you. Only He can help us during these times. May He Bless and Keep you all.

Robert and Ann Thompson
By: Bob And Jeanette Cowan Oct 30, 2002
To the Lawson and Crisp families...

We share your sorrow and send our love and prayers to you at this

difficult time. I remember Eva as a young girl when we lived in Conroe

as a happy person, I know she will be missed. May God be your Comforter

and give you peace in the days ahead. Give our love to all.
By: Eleanor Lindley Oct 30, 2002
It's hard to give up someone we've come to love so dear. Eva was special. She was loving, she was giving and we'll miss her. She was always willing to help the children she worked with. She always went the extra mile to help not only the children, but we parents and teachers. She was truly a wonderful person. My prays are with your, your daughter, and other family members.
By: Chip Hinds Oct 30, 2002
Thinking of Jesus Christ first having given his life for ours, I could not help thinking how a young mother has, although not required or planned, yielded up her life in the process of bringing a new life into existence. Eva Lawson has made her contribution as much as God has allowed. Now may she rest as the seeds she has planted mature for the joy of her family and the honor and glory of God.

I Finished Early

I had a lot to do.

More than some of you.

But yet you wonder why I rest.

I finished early.

I started on time,

Even though the choice was mine.

And I put in a full days work.

But I finished early.

I thought at first the road was long.

But I just asked the Lord to keep me strong.

And step by step I ran the race.

I just finished early.

I'm not a quitter my friend.

I keep on fighting to the end.

And the only thing I can say is

I just finished early.

But the measure of man's mind,

And not my God's own time,

Do some of you look at the years.

I just finished early.

But with God it counts not at all

How long, how brief, how great, how small.

But He looks for a ready heart.

Even if you finish early.

Author Unknown

Furnished to Chip Hinds by Belton Sweet.

Belton Sweet, while at Leander High School, saw

this beside the picture of a young man (in his football

uniform). Author Unknown.

By: Bob Barthel Oct 29, 2002

Our thoughts & prayers are with you and the sweetheart you have with you still. I've hurt from the loss of a wife - twice - but I still do not know your feelings and hurt. However, God does! I am here to help you bear the load that has been placed on your shoulders. I am available. You and Tearyn have been and will continue to be in our prayers. May you stay strong and allow God to Bless your future in His service.

Bob Barthel

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