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Thelma King
February 25, 1955 - January 31, 2003

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By: JoAnne Harwell, Restorati CRMC Feb 9, 2003
I am so saddened by the lost of my patient, and wanted you all to know that you are in my thoughts,and prayers. Thelma was a very special person, she will be greatly missed. she had such a devotion to her family and friends. Take care, you are all so special.
By: michelle lebedzinski Feb 4, 2003
I'm so sorry to hear what had happeded. It was so unexpectedly. Your mom was the greatest and extremely fun to be around. She will never be forgotten. She was loved by so many and she will always be in out hearts and never forgotten. I'm praying for ya'll. If you ever need anything that I can help you with I am here for you 100%. Your a great friend and you and your family will never be forgotten. She is in a better place now with no more suffering. She will alwayz be with you in your heart. she will never leave you alone. she is your guardian angel.I love yall. just remember if you need anything i will be here for you anytime day or night. I love you buddy!! I wanna always be here for you no matter what.

*Love alwayz and forever*


By: Sue Hardy Feb 3, 2003
Life is not fair, nor just, nor kind

In everything, we face.

Nor is it easy to say goodbye

To one who's run life's race.

This lady fought a valiant fight

Against a dread disease.

It took her life, but it was not done

With any kind of ease.

She fought with courage and valiant strength,

Surrender she never knew.

Death took her life, but did not win

For she lives forever with you.

You'll see her in the sunset's glow.

You'll hear her in the wind.

And when you need her strength the most,

In Memory, she'll come again.

By: Vashti Reese Feb 3, 2003
I want the whole family to know that my family's prayers are with all of you. Mrs. King treated me all of us like we were her own daughters, I loved her dearly. She will not only be missed but remembered as a beautiful, kind and sweet motherly figure. Ny heart is with all of you!
By: Nicole Leonard Feb 3, 2003
I would like the family to know that I am thinking about ya'll and that you're in my prayers. Mrs. King was always a very sweet and gentle lady and will always be remembered for that.
By: Natasha Leonard Feb 3, 2003
To the King family: My sister Nicole told me of your loss. I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

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