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Edwin ''Pat'' H. Patterson
February 23, 1921 - February 13, 2003

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By: Lina Lou (Thomas) Maxwell Feb 17, 2003
I remember the first time I met Mr. Patterson.....it was at a parent/child meeting to sign up for Travis Jr.High School Band......My father and Mr. Patterson decided I should play the alto sax and they were certainly correct......Mr. Patterson's patience and skill as a teacher were extremely beneficial to me as band, along with my piano lessons, provided a solid foundation for my musical skills. My love of music and its teaching grew into a vocation in church and public school and I always remember my band and choir days in jr. high and high school fondly. I was also fortunate to know Mr. Patterson's family and I hope they know how blessed they, as his loved ones, and we, as his students were to know "Mr. Pat"....I know he is directing the "band of angels"!!
By: William Preston Lamp Feb 16, 2003
I was fortunate to have Mr. Patterson (I'm not sure I ever called him by his first name) as my first band director, starting on the clarinet when I was 12 (in 1952) at what was then Travis Jr. High. A couple of years later, I took piano lessons for a while from Mr. Patterson. I continued with band through jr. high and high school. He had the most incredible patience with his music students. Some years later, when I was well beyond the beginner stage, I used to go to beginner band concerts conducted by Mr. Patterson and wonder how he could tolerate all those squeeks, squawks, bleets, and blats, not to mention the rhythmic imperfections, year after year. All I can say is that I am glad he was able to, because he got me started on a life-long hobby that has brought, and continues to bring, many happy moments for myself, as well as lots of fun for those attending all the parades, banquets, parties, family gatherings, dances, shows, musicals, ceremonies, and programs that I have played for. He was tops in my book, both as a teacher and as a person, and I owe a lot to his dedication as a teacher.
By: James & Linnie Lumpkin Feb 15, 2003
Mr. Patterson was truly a professional teacher in every since of the word. He had the knowledge to instill, the patience to teach raw beginners, and the persistence to formulate great bands. He was our teacher, mentor, and more importantly, our friend. We are fortunate to have known he and his family through the years.

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