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Jimmy ''JD'' Caver
February 6, 1933 - May 29, 2003

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By: Glenda McFarland Jun 5, 2003
I will always remember Uncle JD and cherish the memories and special times we spent together. Jimmy may these same memories comfort you and your family as you remember the special man your Dad was to you. I will be thinking of you and hoping that every day eases your heart a little more.

Love and prayers to all,


By: Ginger Vollert Jun 4, 2003
I have such wonderful memories of my family's times together.

Uncle J.D. and Jimmy living next door. Always welcome for weekend breakfasts

of bacon and eggs that Uncle J.D. would prepare. That's where we first learned

to put catsup on our eggs. Would always take us on his day long fishing trips

to Horse Shoe Lakes or Sheldon Reservior. When just he and Daddy took us for the

first week of our annual two week camping to Huntsville State Park. Uncle J.D.

brought all the damaged can goods from the grocery store he managed and we could

eat anything we wanted. He and Daddy spent a lot of time working the trot lines

and we did what ever we wanted and got away with murder. We always had the

greatest times. I remember the only time we ever saw him sad was the day of

Grandpa Caver's funeral. We were joking around and playing and he asked us if

we could just give him a little time to himself. In later years I used to babysit

on saturdays while he worked at Mort Hall Ford. I made $6 a saturday. I thought

it was a great deal especially since I would still get to spend time with Jimmy.

Time passes so quickly. You always think you have all the time in the world.

I will miss him dearly.

By: Tessie Evans Jun 4, 2003
I met Jim when I lived in Houston with my daughter Catherine Matthews. He has been a real friend. I got to talk to him Tuesday before he passed away. He had been helping his son move. He was excited about it. We were phone had talked for years on the phone. He always kept my spirits high. I got to go to Temple with him for a DR's appointment when I visited Houston in March of this year. My daughter Cathy happended to hear about him on the news. Thank God for that or I wouldn't have known.My prayers are with the family. This is a hard loss I know for you. I so share his loss and will always. I loved him dearly and told him so.I will miss him so much.

Tessie Evans

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