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Susie Wolford
August 12, 1957 - June 25, 2003

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By: Kay Banks Aug 24, 2003
Susie, There is not one day that has passed that I don't sit and cry and wonder WHY you did this. There is not anything that I would have done for you.I miss you so much. I can't hardly get on my computer now. It does not seem right without you to talk to as we searched for our indians that we collected. I feel so guilty that I did not notice how much you were suffering.I talk to the girls often because I know that they are lost without you too. They went out and celebrated your birthday. Mandy went with them. I wish I could have been there too. They called me at midnight just to say "I love you". They are great kids! I can't believe that you would want to leave them and not be apart of thier lives. It saddens me so much that your grangkids will not have thier Nanie to spoil them. When I think about all this I get so angry at you for taking the easy way out! You are the one that put the fun in our disfunctional family! I only wish I would have told you more how much I love you. Blood made us sisters,our love for each other made us friends. You will forever be in my heart! love ya bunches, K
By: Amber Faulkner Jul 17, 2003

I never imagined my life without you. You and I had planned that you would live with me when you got to old to be by yourself. What happened to that? There are so many things I had planned on you being apart of. I go through each day wishing you were still here. You taught me so many things that I am thankful for. I am who I am because of you. I hope that I can make you as proud of me as I am of you. You worked so hard and made so many self sacrifices as we were growing up. I always felt loved. It breaks my heart because I don't know if you really knew how much I love you. I wish I would have said these things while I still had a chance. You were beautiful and strong spirited. You had a great personality and stood up for what you believed in. I am sorry you had to go through some of the things that you did. I am sorry that I did not see or feel your pain. I wish I could have saved you as you have saved me so many times. As for Kaleigh, I pray that her age doesn't deprive her of your special bond and all the memories produced because of it. I also pray that Kari and I will be able to share the same close and open relationship with our children as us three did.

I love you.

By: kari estes Jul 4, 2003
Mom You have been a good mother to me for twenty four years, tomorrow would be twenty five. After one week of you being gone I still feel... lost. The only other time I felt this lost was at the beach, remember when we went with Miss Debbie? I was so alone "I thought I would never get to see my mommy again". I wasn't prepared for your death, neither am I prepared to explain this to Destiny are my other two kids. Mom I will always think about you at least once a day until we see each other again. You were a wonderful mom and terrific grandmother. Please help watch over Stuart,Destiny,Macie,Ethan, Amber and Kaleigh. I love you!

P.S. Mom I forgive you.

I love you with all my heart,

Love always Kari

Love Kari

By: Kenneth Harold Thomas Jul 2, 2003
My Darling Sister,

Susie, you will never know how much I love you because I can not find words accurate enough to decribe it.

I have loved you ever since our mother held my hand to her stomach and I felt you kick. In life I leaned

upon you for strength and comfort. I shall never forget what you did to help me with the care and keeping of

Mama and Daddy. You did so much that I could not do and you gave so freely of yourself. Your warm smile cheers

me yet. Your laughter comforts me still. I am only sorry that the great burdens you were carrying became more than you could bear. I would have gladly helped to bear them if I had only known how great they were. We are

seperated by death - but we are still connected by love - our love for each other. You will always be in my heart and as long as I live a part of you will live within me! You were my baby sister and you will always be

my baby sister! When we were young - we fought as all brothers and sisters do, but nothing you ever did and nothing I ever did can destroy our love for each other. I will forever miss you and I promise I will look after your girls and your grandchildren.

Your Only Brother

Your Bubba,

Kenneth Harold

By: Kelly Wilson Jul 1, 2003
I was saddened to hear that Susie had pasted. I have known her and her daughters for many many years she was my bus driver when i was in school. And later on she became a dear friend to me. It breaks my heart to hear such a wonderful and happy lady has pasted. To Kari and Amber i am sorry that i couldn't make it to her funeral i just found out today, just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and Susie will be greatly missed. Slade also sends is condolences as well. Take care girls!!

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