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Kenneth Dale Raven
October 9, 1929 - July 5, 2003

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By: Page Williams Jul 7, 2003
Some of my happpiest Houston Underwater Club trip memories from the '80s are due to Ila and Ken Raven's presence on our boat. Their total joy in the underwater world (you'd think Ila was a diver, too, as she was so knowledgeable) and their joy in each other made our trips special. As one of the earlier u/w videographers, Ken generously shared his work, and my video shelf has lasting memories of these trips now, thanks to him. We "oldtimers" in HUC have missed Ila and Ken, and now we will miss Ken with sadness. Ila, my deepest sympathy is with you and your family as you have lost such an unusually fine man. May your happy memories help to restore joy and peace to your life.
By: Ken Knezick Jul 7, 2003
Condolences on the passing of a very fine man, and accolades on a life well lived. The love (and humor) that passed between Ken and Ila Raven, husband and wife, is a lesson and a boon that I have carried with me since I first met them. May Ila, family, and friends take comfort in the knowledge that Ken Raven will live on in the hearts and minds of all who knew and loved him.
By: Joe Foster Jul 7, 2003
Ila, I was surprised to read today of Ken's passing. Please accept my sympathies. I respected Ken as one of the brightest, most competent, harder working guy I ever worked with. He had a tremendous capacity to turn out work and a very broad range of interests. Though there were a lot of things about that Value Analysis group we worked in together that were to neither of our likings, I enjoyed working wih Ken and being challenged by him.That was a more fun time than we then realized. I know he loved and was very proud of his family, and I know he will be sorely and sadly missed. My thoughts are with you.I am leaving town early tomorrow morning and will miss the services. I'm sorry about that.

Joe Foster

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