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MSG James Curtis ''Jimmy'' Coons

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SFC Jedediah WellsSGT Terrell T. Carrington
Linda BenderToday would be your 36th Birthday.. I Love and Mis
SGT Hector Pedroza Jr.SGT Hector Pedroza Jr.
Jamie FarmerSFC Michael Lucero
steven and kathy smithAnne Hurst
LTC Tonney A. ChandlerSGT James Alicie
James P. HenryMSG Wilburn E. Ferguson
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SGT James S. AlicieDave and Ron
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MSG Wilburn E. FergusonMSG Wilburn E. Ferguson
Marilyn and Keith GillespieSFC(P) Christine Burns
Eddy & Wanda Jones Eddy & Wanda Jones
Karen & Larry Godshall KAREN & LARRY GODSHALL
Karen & Larry Godshall Jen Whitlocks ParentsKaren & Larry Godshall --- Jen Whitlocks Parents
SPC STEPHANIE AMOSIngrid & Tim Ruhl You in our Prayers,Good Bless
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Eddy & Wanda JonesJennifer and Brad Whitlock
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Melanie, Hydee, and Kody DrakeRobin,Chloe, and MeMe, Our prayers are with you
ANDREW J. WYNN SRDouglas M. Brown
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SFC Carol D. Hairston (Retired)SFC MOSE HARRISON
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SSG Fred F. Hunter Wendi M. Hunter


Tributes Add Your Tribute
By: Robin Jul 20, 2010
Feel like such a dork to always write this way,but know no other way.We miss you,but you already know that.Please help me with Misaki,she is in a dark and shallow place right now.We(myself)really need your support right now!!!! Heaven is suppose to be the ultimate place so show us the love lol!!!Missing your guidance!!!!!
By: Robin May 27, 2010
Misaki will graduate Friday,hope you are with us.I miss you everyday,so do the girls.Hope you are proud of us!!!Wow,thought you would share this day with us ,but guess you are just from higher view.Please send Misaki Love on this day!!!!She misses you!!!!!Love from us all!!!!!!Robin
By: Robin Coons Apr 8, 2010
You would of been 42 this past weekend.I hope you are celebrating in style!!!!!!We put ballons and flowers out for you,but guess you know that lol!!!!!!Happy Birthday Big Daddy!!!!Not a day goes by we dont think about you,we Miss you dearly!!!!!!keep watch over our girls for me.I'll do my part here,you do yours there.They are beautiful and my life!!!!!!Hope you are at Peace!!!!
By: SGT Terrell T. Carrington Jan 17, 2007
I never met a greater leader, mentor, friend, most importantly man. You have been and always will be missed. My stride and style of leadership came directly from you. Your family, the Army, and this world was truly blessed by having you in our lives.
By: ryan (big country) boisture Apr 5, 2006
Wow, Its almost been 3 years...still I miss you. What a great leader, always there no matter what time, place, or situation, just always there. I never knew the full story of why or how...but I read an article on the internet today, and it really hit me square in the heart. Who would have ever thought? But everything happens for a reason, and I truly believe that God needed you in heaven to lead his young battle ready angels into battle. I love you man, and I miss you....see you in Heaven!

Ryan (big country)
By: 1SG ANDREW WYNN Nov 20, 2005




By: Carol Coons Apr 3, 2005
Today you would have been 37th birthday. Time doesn't change how much I Love and Miss You.
By: Josh Gaddy Nov 25, 2003
I miss you Uncle Jimmy
By: Hector Pedroza Jr. Sep 22, 2003
I was shocked and deeply saddened when I heard the bad news. MSG Coons was the epitome of an NCO. He took me under his wing and really helped me to achieve my goals. I was privilaged enough to have been one of MSG Coon's soldiers in Carlisle Barracks, and was due to PCS to Qatar a few months after he left for Kuwait. I then got married and had my assignment changed. I truly regret not going to Qatar and having the opportunity to serve with this superior soldier once again. I was looking forward to seeing him again here at Ft. Bliss because he was due to attend the SGM's Academy in January, but now I will have to wait a lot longer to see him. I give my deepest condolences to his family and all the people who's lives were touched by MSG Coons.
By: Jamie Farmer Sep 18, 2003
After reading each and every tribute I must say I am speechless. What an honor for all of us to have known Jimmy. He was an exceptional man. My prayers are with all of you.
By: Julie Macareno Aug 22, 2003
To Robin and the girls, we are so very sorry. I could not belive it when I found out. I would have been there had I known. I know James loved you and the girls very much.
By: Steve Schock Aug 19, 2003
I was stationed with MSG Coons in Okinawa,Japan. My heart & prayers go out to James and his family & friends. He will always be remembered as a hereo! God Bless
By: SGM Bryan Randall Aug 4, 2003
Coons! You will always be The Man! I love ya Brother, and I'll see you on the "other side"
By: Anne Hurst Jul 28, 2003
MSG Coons was a great soldier who cared so very much for his fellow soldiers. He would stop into our office to check on services that would be available to his soldiers who were in need. His kind and gentle mannerisms reflected the true compassionate heart along with the care and concern of taking care of his soldiers that he commanded. He is so truly missed.

God Bless MSG Coons.
By: Edward Wandrick Jul 24, 2003
I have just received word of this shocking loss of not just a fine soldier but an outstanding man. MSG Coons was the first person I met on deployment to OEF/OIF-Kuwait and did not know me from Adam. On that chance meeting, he extended the friendship of his brotherhood, knowlege and assistance of his resources and expected nothing of it. He was truly a giving and responsible brother. I am honored to have made his acquaintance.

Twenty-one gun salute.


Edward Wandrick

By: James Alicie Jul 23, 2003
"Stunned" is the only word I can use to describe what I am feeling. MSG Coons and I were known as the Collins Hall "Twin Towers". I am privilaged and honored to have known MSG Coons. He was my supervisor, my brother, and my friend. I will miss him.
By: Ron Rone Jul 21, 2003
We all miss you .

By: Wilburn Ferguson Jul 20, 2003
I have lost a close friend and confidant, his family lost a husband, father, son and brother. The Army has lost a great leader and the world has lost a great human being. I will always remember James as a great family man, he always spoke so much about his wife and children, I felt as if I knew them. I will also remember him as a great leader, he always had time for everyone. Always offered a helping hand to anyone who needed it. He went out of his way to take care of other people, soldiers and civilians alike. He loved his country, he was a patriot. I know that he will be missed by many, I know that I will always remember him as a fellow soldier, leader and most of all a friend. Thank you James for all that you did for me. One day we will meet again.
By: Marilyn and Keith Gillespie Jul 19, 2003
Our hearts go out to Robin, Misaki, Chloe, James' parents and friends and family. It was a privilege to get to know James and Robin and their family at Carlisle Barracks. James deserves a lot of credit for proudly and unselfishly serving his country for many years. He was a top notch NCO, who positively touched many lives and truly made a difference. It was always a pleasure to see James with "his girls". I remember visiting Robin and James in the hospital after Chloe's birth. I can still see his huge smile and feel the pride and joy they had in welcoming their second daughter to their family. Truly, Misaki and Chloe are a part of his legacy. Please accept our deepest sympathy--we miss James and will never forget him!
By: Christie Mertz Jul 17, 2003
I will always rembere our summer time together. It was a time when you think it all will stand still then before your eyes it's 20yrs down the road. It was you me your sis and gene It was the good old days I will always have a place in my heart for you.

Love ya

Christie Wagner Mertz
By: kAREN & lARRY GODSHALL Jul 16, 2003



PSALM 73:24

You where a loving husband and father.

Our Sincere Sympathy Karen & Larry Godshall [ Jen Whitlocks parents ]
I am deeply saddened to hear of the loss of a truly GREAT SOLDIER. He will be missed by many. I am greatful that I was able to know such a wonderful person. His life touched everybody he met. MSG Coons was someone you can count on. He loved his family and he loved his soldiers. He has left a HERO.
By: Lori and Dan Taylor Jul 15, 2003
Little did we know, whenever we met James and Robin (and the Whitlock's) in Lamaze class, that our friendship would grow into one that feels more like 'extended family' than friends . . . but that's exactly what our friendship with James and Robin (and the girls) feels like to us. Since hearing the sad news of James passing, it has been difficult, if not impossible, to focus on anything else. We have shed many tears, and have said many prayers. We have also been remembering all the wonderful memories that we have of James - like the trip that we took to "The Mountains" last May with James, Robin, and the girls - and how James could always keep everyone smiling (and laughing)!

James will greatly missed, and never forgotten. . . and we have no doubt that James will be 'one tough Guardian Angel' as he watches over his precious Robin, Misaki, and Chloe. We love you, James, and feel blessed for having known you.

By: James P. Henry Jul 15, 2003
I can't thank you enough for the leadership, guidance, mentorship and size "13" motivation. I will do my best to thank you through the soldiers I lead. No matter what the issue is, I will always let them know that it's "Nothing Personal, Strictly Professional..Baby". You really made the difference. I just can't see it and probably never will!!!

SSG James P. Henry

No Signal....No Problem!

By: ANDREW WYNN Jul 14, 2003
As your sunsets and you depart this world, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the overwhelming success of the �Can�t Hang Cut the Rope� 2nd Platoon, 385th Signal Co.

MSG Coons my first impression of you was that you were exceptional. On a daily basis you continued to prove my initial assessment as fact. For you took great pride in the execution of your duties, proper training of your soldiers, and exemplifying the characteristics of an outstanding Noncommissioned Officer. Your hard work and devotion to duty in the DOIM greatly enhanced the soldiers� ability to fight, win, and survive on the battlefield. You epitomized the Noncommissioned Officer Creed. You welcomed the opportunity to take charge, stand up for what�s right, and take responsibility. Regardless of the mission, we could all depend on you to ensure mission accomplishment. Thus, I firmly believe your professionalism, loyalty, initiative, and leadership made the soldiers of 54th Signal Bn the best in 11th Signal BDE and the in the United Stated Military.

I as well as the troops am deeply appreciative. We are extremely proud to have served with such an honorable soldier and we will genuinely miss your presence.

To your family I send my sincere sympathies and gratitude for sharing a man of your caliber with me.

Sincerely, SFC Andrew J. Wynn Sr.


�The Big DAWG is in the Building�



By: Celeste Perreo Jul 14, 2003
MSG Coons, you were a model leader and friend. Your towering presence in a room made everyone want to listen to every word you said, whether it was good news or bad news we knew that you did your best to protect and guide the soldiers in the DOIM section. I experienced your genuine care for soldiers when you assisted me during my times of trouble, I wish that I could have been there for you! Everyone that came across your path has said nothing but good things about you and I was quick to agree with them because I was proud to claim you as my NCOIC. I know that all of the soldiers from the DOIM section will remember all of the jokes that we played on you which made our day just to see your big smile. My deepest sympathy to the family, the pain that we all feel today will eventually be overshadowed by the joyful memories that we all have in our hearts and minds of James. James will be truly missed but not forgotten!
By: Douglas Brown Jul 14, 2003
MSG Coons, when I heard this I could not believe it. I still can not believe it, not Msg Coons. I envyed and admired you so. It has been an honor to have met such an honorable human being. You were someone who cared about everyone in your path. You always made sure that there was a smile on everyone's face even when they were feeling down. You took me under your wings and assisted me when I needed you. I ask myself, why? But only God knows. A smile still comes to my face when I think of you walking thru the hallways in 385th Signal yelling, "TROOP THE LINE" with a smile on your face. I will always remember you for that and continue trooping the line in memory of you. You have truely been a blessing to me and many others and I know for that you were blessed then and you are blessed now. YOU WERE THE BEST DURING YOUR TIME, THANK YOU AND FAREWELL
By: Kathy Christman Jul 14, 2003
We at the USAWC, Carlisle Barracks Directorate of Contracting would like to extend our deepest heartfelt sympathy to Robin, Chole, Misaki, family and friends. MSG Coons was a gentleman and truly of the Army's best. He touched so many lives here at Carlisle with his kindness and compassion for others. He is not gone.....he is just away. God Bless and know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
By: Holly White Jul 14, 2003
MSG James Coons-I want the family to know what an AWESOME AWESOME guy he was. This will sound crazy to some but I've only knew him by way of phone and email introduced by a mutual friend some 5 yr ago. He has helped me get a grip many of times. Mother Coons-he often spoke very highly of you. You did a wonderful job looked forward to meeting him face to face. He was the epitome of an Army soldier and Oh how the Army and its active duty and retired soldier alike. You don't know me but please don't hesitate to call if I can do anything for you in my human strength you got it.. now, 1 year from now, 2 years from now if only to tell you what a great guy your James was. Holly
By: Katrina M Wynn Jul 14, 2003
Losing a Loved One is never easy ; therefore, keep the memories forever in Your Heart.
By: Jennifer and Brad Whitlock Jul 14, 2003
James, "Duuude",we met in lamaze class and always shared laughs together. You had a magnetic personality that complimented Robin's so well. It didn't take much to get to know you and that was all it took. It is so easy to befriend great and loving people. We've always had the utmost respect for those in the Armed Forces but you "my friend" stood out and above! Everyone that knew you had much respect for you. Those that met you for the first time wanted to get to know you better. You will be sadly missed but we will think of you often and please know that you will NEVER be forgotten. We will always recall special moments shared; birth of our little girls, sharing dive experiences, just getting to know you, you holding baby Chloe up in the air in the palm of you hand (much to Robins distress), but Chloe loved it, too many more to mention. Just know that you are and will be forever in our hearts. Robin, Misaki and Chloe are the luckiest ladies in the world to have been loved by you. Hope your adjusting well to your halo and wings.
By: Carol Hairston Jul 13, 2003
MSG Coons was a leader of soldiers; He was a professional Noncommissioned Officer �The Backbone of the Army�. He strived for excellence. MSG Coons lived by The Noncommissioned Officer Creed everyday.

I�m truly glad that I had a chance to know MSG Coons. As a fellow NCO, I was honored by his accomplishment and his professionalism. MSG Coons lead from the front. He always took the time to mentor his soldiers. He was dedicated to the mission.

MSG Coons you will be missed; but I know you are in a better place and serving in God�s army. Until we meet again my fellow Noncommissioned Officer. As you would say, �Trooping the line Baby, Trooping the line�.

� Leaders are like eagles, they don't flock - you find them one at a time "

By: Bryan Billups Jul 13, 2003
MSG Coons, you are the greatest and I miss you and love you. MSG Coons you have mentored, and taught me a great deal. I have been working for you for a year, and you have been a big brother to me. Words can not express the lose of a great man, leader, soldier, friend, and family member. My condolences go out to you and your family in this time of sadness. You are a man with a huge heart that gave alot of your time, energy, and knowledge to the Kuwait military community and you will be miss.
By: Jedediah Wells Jul 13, 2003
"The first duty of a leader is to make himself be loved without courting love. To be loved without

'playing up' to anyone - even to himself."

MSG Coons you will always be an inspiration to me. Your commitment to the mission and dedication to every soldier was truly exceptional. You will be greatly missed.

By: Jedediah Wells Jul 13, 2003
"The first duty of a leader is to make himself be loved without courting love. To be loved without

'playing up' to anyone - even to himself."

MSG Coons you will always be an inspiration to me. Your commitment to the mission and dedication to every soldier was truly exceptional. You will be greatly missed.

By: James Gholson Jul 13, 2003
I have asked myself many of times why, there is no answer, but I truly miss you. We shared so many special days here in Kuwait, no matter how our day was we managed to see away to make it more worthy. We as Noncommissioned Officers bonded right away, in over twenty eight and a half years in the military there were only a few that touched me the way you did, this I would never forget my brother in arms. Someday we will meet again and there is no one my brother that I would rather serve again with than you. You are in a special place now and I know you is watching over us still "TROOPING THE LINE". So fare well my brother in arms, I'll see you on higher grounds.

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