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Richard ''Dick'' Wells Brown
died September 12, 2003

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By: Margaret Doolittle Sep 19, 2003
Dick was my "big brother," to whom I grew ever closer through the years as the 21 years that separated us didn't seem to matter anymore. I remember . . . me being ten years old at the Higgins Lake cottage and his failed attempts to teach me how to dive off the floating dock . . . shared printers ink at the Ingham County News during the 1950's . . . extended-family holiday dinners at 511 South Lansing where we always depended on Dick's specialty - creamed onions . . . the wonderful Brown/Ludwick heritage we claimed . . . the comfort he gave me when he drove to my college dormitory to tell me that our father had died . . . his reassuring walk with me down the aisle at my wedding . . . the very special days we had of reunion and reminiscing during several visits in Texas and Michigan during the last decade. I'm thankful that Dick and my children also got to know and enjoy each other during those visits. I'll miss him very much, but I believe that we will be reunited someday.
By: Matt Olsen Sep 18, 2003
I will always think of grandpa whenever I see someone with a pipe hanging out of his mouth or in his hand. He was like the pied piper to all of his grandchildren, even though he didn't gush all over us. When I was little I remember playing in the yard with him, and he never seemed to grow older. He will be missed by all of us for many reasons. He and grandma were always caring what happened to each and every one of us. He is now an angel looking out for us all. Love Matt
By: Nancy Olsen Sep 18, 2003
He was Daddy, part of a set of a remarkable couple that raised 8 children with unwavering love and committment, even when times were tough or when we stumbled. That love for each other and family is passed on through 2 more generations. We all have memories that will sustain us and Mom. He will be missed in countless ways by many who's life he touched.
By: Adrienne Brown Sep 18, 2003
There are so many things I will always remember about Grandpa but I think the memory that will always bring a smile to my face is when he would take me to the grocery store with him and he always would "pick" a grape for me, this of course is before they started pre-bagging the grape bunches. I also remember going to the golf course with him and driving around in the golf carts-I think I actually almost broke his finger once when I ran into a tree! I will miss him dearly.
By: Linda Brown Sep 16, 2003
I knew Dick was always proud and pleased that his first born son decided to follow in the long line of family footsteps and become a fourth generation newspaperman. I also knew he was equally delighted when that son brought home a "newspaperwoman" as his choice for a bride.

What Dick didn't know was that he helped me mature from a rookie in the business to a competent and successful professional. He didn't know because I never actually consulted with him, I just followed his example and many, many times asked myself, "What would Dad think...?"

Still today, when I write my column each week I remember the one piece of advice he offered me: "Make them laugh, make them cry, and always tell them exactly how it is. You don't make the news, you just report it." How right he was.

I'm gonna miss you, Dad. Thanks for the advice. Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for the example.

By: Lorraine Brown Sep 16, 2003
Before Tom and I were married, he asked me to cover a Mason High School Basketball Game for his paper as he could not for whatever reason. It doesn't seem like much, but I felt really accepted by him, since, unless he was telling a story, did not say much. And speaking of stories, I only wish he had written all of them down in a book. Also his love of food! He would sigh at the mention of Golumpkis! He took me with him to the opening of an Indian Restaurant that he was invited to and we dared each other to try different things and then decided that the salad dressing was the best thing they had! And his famous scalloped onions! I was one of the few at the holiday table (those fussy Browns!) that loved them, which was a treat because I usually got to take some home for leftovers. And how he loved his grandchildren. When Tony was little, they used to pinch each other and he always let Tony get the last pinch in and would fake such pain! Having to walk out of the room when Adrienne would have to test her blood or get an insulin shot. It was more painful for him than it was for her. I know he always thought she was so brave. I never knew my grandfathers so I am always so thankful that my children not only knew their Grampa Brown but had a loving relationship with him. We loved him and though I never remember him saying the words, I know he loved us very much. Love, Lorraine

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