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Ken Whaley
March 5, 1935 - October 10, 2003

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D.A. SmithVelma Farr
Tom, Kim and Hunter WhaleyAnn D. Thompson
Mike & Karen MilliffJanosky, Pat and family
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Robert AlexanderJames & Yvonne Rodriguez
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Tributes Add Your Tribute
By: Tom Whaley Oct 9, 2005

It's been two years now and your memory lives on in my heart. Though the wounds have healed the vacancy created by your passing has not diminished. Hunter is now almost five and we talk about you all the time. Mason is almost two. Oh how I wish he could have known you. You were such a great Dad and Grandfather. You'll always be the bench mark against which I measure myself as a husband and father. I still miss you so very much. I don't expect that will ever change.


By: D.A. Smith Nov 5, 2003
It's never too late to remember a great person, customer and friend. I met Ken for the first time about three years ago, and from the very beginning Ken treated me like an old friend. Ken helped me and my fellow colleagues at Trammell Crow Company better understand the elevator business and most importantly helped us to make smart decisions about a business that not too many people knew as well as Ken did. I spoke to Ken just days before I heard the news of his passing as he was helping me with an on-going project. Without him, I would be lost, but because of him our project will be completed, on time and the right way. Finally, I just wanted to say that Ken will be missed, but he leaves behind a legacy of good will and a City full of his friends.
By: Velma Farr Nov 3, 2003
I know this is late but I have to say, I had three great brothers growing up, then they married and had families of their own, andeach got buusy withtheir own lives. Ken was in the Navy and found the "Girl of his Dreams" in California and had his family

and after that moved to Texas where we didn't see them nearly enough but we always thought there would be time

when we all retired but the Good Lord has his plans and we cannot understand why he takes the best and others


We Will always LOVE YOU and remember your GREAT PERSONALITY
By: Lisa Hensley Oct 27, 2003
Over the years, as a property manager at different companies and at different buildings, I had the privelege of working with Ken and his company. Ken was knowledgable, helpful, professional and he made it easy to work with him. We are all saddened by your loss, and you are in our thoughts and prayers.
By: Bob Duncan Oct 27, 2003
Ken was one of the most gentle and kind people I have ever known. He knew his business, but he always had a hearty word and a genuine laugh to go with it. I will never forget the first meeting we had at April Sound. Ken was complaining about some information he needed and said he hadn't gotten, according to him. I said Ken, I sent you that entire package of information not two weeks before this meeting. He said you don't actually expect us to read all that crap, do you? That's the way I remember Ken. Self effacing, genuine and one of the really nice people you get to come across in this world. I'll miss him. I know you will too Millie, but somebody still needs to watch over all those Kids and Grandkids now. That's your job. All our love Bob & Maggie
By: James & Yvonne Rodriguez Oct 25, 2003
Mr. Whaley was the definition of what a husband, father, and friend should be. He always treated me like I was part of the family and I will always have that memory in my mind when I think about him. He had a calmness about him no matter what the situation might be and I have the utmost respect for the way he lived his life and raised his family. Our prayers go out to all of the Whaley family.
By: Sally Gattis Oct 24, 2003
To Millie and family,
By: Sally Gattis Oct 24, 2003
To Millie and family,

Ken was a man I repected a great deal. He was a devoted family man with a wonderful smile and sense of humor. What a role model he was and will continue to be for his children and grandchildren! All of you are in our thoughts and prayers.


Sally and MaryAnna
By: Houshyar & Nilson The Spires Oct 24, 2003
Dear Ken: Houshyar and Nelson met today for our regularly scheduled progress meeting at the Spires. We included a chair for you, Ken. Houshyar insisted it be placed on his side of the table. I tried to move it to Nelson's side, but Houshyar insisted you remain with him. We held a productive meeting. We both thank you for your professionalism and mediation efforts during this project. You should be proud of the finished product. While we certainly missed you this morning, we both felt your presence. Our thoughts are with you this day, Ken. Fare well, good friend. from Houshyar and Nelson, your customers and good friends.
By: Jack Parks Oct 24, 2003
Ken was a great asset to the elevator trade and helped his fellow tradesmen as well as touched many peoples' life positively. He will be missed always as well as remembered. God bless his family!
By: Scott and Juliee Sparks Oct 24, 2003
My wife and I are blessed to have known Ken. The way he interacted with his family and the wisdom that he shared with each of us will always stay with me. Ken and Millie always welcomed my wife and I for holiday dinners and "family" gatherings. We too will miss Ken, and he will always have a special place in our hearts.
By: Joe & Jeanie Brown Oct 23, 2003
Millie,Ken Jr.,Craig, Cindy, and Tom: We were shocked and so saddened to learn of Ken's passing. Ken will always be remembered by us as a wonderfully kind, fun, and generous friend. Ken provided summer employment for me for seven years and was the best boss I ever worked for. We enjoyed many happy times together away from work as well. I'll always remember his skill as a "navigator" when we went fishing in the ocean. We also spent many happy times with our families around the pool in Escondido and shared dinners and pinochle wars. Those were fabulous times and memories of time shared with the Whaleys will always stay with us.
By: John Gilbert Oct 22, 2003
During our numerous lunch chats over the past five years it was clear to me that Family, Friends, and Sports were Ken's great passions. He was especially proud of the members of his family and I know it gave him great pleasure in anything he could do to help each of them.

In the office, no matter what Ken was involved in, he would take the time to answer a question or just sit and listen to problem. He had elevators in his blood but family in his heart!

I will miss him.
By: Rebecca Archambault Oct 22, 2003
To all the Whaley family, I was privleged to work with Ken for 7 months, when I came on board Persohn/Hahn Inc. in March 2003. During that time I worked with Ken getting my feet wet with the company and understanding the elevator business. Ken was always ready to answer any of my questions, to get me familiar with the job. He was fun to work with and a pleasure to know. I will always respect the man he was, and will miss him dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
By: Herb Smith Oct 22, 2003
Millie, Cindy, Craig, Ken Jr., and Tom, Jan and I are so sorry that we will be out of town on Saturday and unable to attend the memorial service. Too rarely are we blessed to have people like Ken grace our lives. I have known him most of my elevator career, as a competitor, as a vendor and most especially as a close Associate at PHA. He had such a positive attitude that many times I leaned on for help. No matter how busy or hurried, he always had time to fix my computer errors or show me how the software works, I guess now I will have to learn how to do this stuff. I am so sorry that he is gone but I am thankful for the time that I was able to spend with him. He was a very special person and we all miss him.
By: Ken and Laurie Wilson Oct 22, 2003
My respect and admiration for Ken will endure for a lifetime. I felt in many ways that Ken treated me as if I were his own son. He always expressed such a genuine interest and concern for the trials and tribulations of my journey through life. Having lost my father many years back, Ken, in many ways, helped to fill that void. To leave such a lasting positive impression on so many; to have contributed so much to a family and friends; to live to enjoy the fruits of your labors; and to hold your own grandchildren says it all.
By: Karl & Mary Lou Sartore Oct 21, 2003
Ken was one of the best friends we have ever had. He was like family in that he could at once make you feel at home and loved. The world will never be quite the same. We loved him.
By: John Rearick Oct 21, 2003
Millie, Ken, Craig, Cindy, Tom and Julie for the 18 years Ken and I worked together it was like being part of your family. I admired his devotion to his family, his dedication to his employer and the integrity with which he conducted himself. I have fond memories of customer lunches at La Tour D'Argent and a very fine dinner at Southern Breeze and relaxed golf. Always a friend, Ken will be greatly missed.
By: Attitudes & Latitudes Oct 20, 2003
Dear Ken,Kim & Family- We are saddened to hear of your fathers passing. It is always hard to lose someone you love. We hope the happy memories you have will ease the saddness of his absence. You,Kim and all your family are in our thoughts & prayers- Rusty,Joan,Lee, Ligaya & Sharon
By: James Reid Oct 19, 2003
Ken was one of my best friends and one of the best men I have ever known. His love for life, family and friends are an inspiration to us all. I'm going to miss my golfing and drinking buddy.
By: Ray Hahn Oct 19, 2003
Ken was much more than a co-worker; he was our trusted friend and his passing is a

huge loss, both professionally and personally. No words can express our heartfelt

sympathy to Millie and their family.
By: Terry & Nadine Roberts Oct 18, 2003
We consider ourselves very fortunate to call Ken "our friend." His love for Millie, family and friends will be an example for all of us left here on earth.
By: Cathie Capps Oct 17, 2003
As a property manager with Moody Rambin Interests, I came to know Ken as an extremely well versed and helpful consultant to our tenants and our clients. He understood how to contribute to solutions, and did so with great skill. Ken will be missed.
By: Tom Whaley Oct 17, 2003
He was here as long as I needed him, just not as long as I wanted him. I miss him.
By: Scott Whaley Oct 16, 2003
I was surprised by the sorrowful news of Uncle Kens passing. I'm not surprised to read the tributes on this

site and find others voicing the same feelings that I and my siblings have about Uncle Ken. We haven't seen

Ken and Millie very often since they moved to Texas,but our memories of them and their family are all good and

our thoughts and prayers are with them now in this time of sorrow.

I remember Uncle Ken as always friendly.....always with a smile and something humorous to say. He was always genuinely interested in what we were doing.

Kens desire to help others has had a terrific impact on our family. He was the one that convinced his older brother George,our dad,that he would like the elevator construction trade. Dad worked in the trade for

30+ years. I've been in the trade for almost 24 years now and my younger brother Kevin longer than that. He has a partnership in his own elevator company and his son works for him! See what you started Uncle Ken!

You will be sorely missed! Our loss is Heaven's gain.
By: Mike Long Oct 14, 2003
As I have been combing my memory the past few days, it occurs to me that Ken Whaley is one of the brightest memories that I possess from my days of early manhood. He and Millie welcomed me into their home with open arms and loving hearts, and made me feel very much at home while I was away from home for the first time in my life. Ken was always a treasure of good nature and fine humor, and a calm, assuring presence whenever I was blessed to be around him. As small as it is, I treasure the memory of playing shade-tree mechanic with this fine man on an old Rambler American. Many lives have been made richer by his presence, many have now been made poorer by his absence. May his precious memories continue to bless those who remember.
By: Ann Thompson Oct 14, 2003
I have had the privilege of having Ken as a tenant, working with him on an elevator modernization and as a consultant. I was blessed to have known him. He was always kind, gentle and soft spoken. My heart reaches out to each of his family members because I feel a very real loss and I know your is much greater. Each of you will be in my prayers.
By: Kim Whaley Oct 13, 2003
You have been "Dad" to me since the first time I was brought home to meet the family. After watching you interact with your wife and children, I knew that I could do no better than to marry your son. He learned from the best. You have been a blessing to all of us and it unimaginable that we will be forced to go on without you. We love you Dad.

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