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Gladys Mae Moore
January 2, 1941 - November 26, 2003

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By: Nancy Turner Nelson Mar 27, 2009
Judy and Rosemary, I want express my condolences to you both at the loss of your mother. I know all your memories will help ease your pain as my memories help me deal with the loss of my father. God bless all of you.
By: Joe Goodson Nov 30, 2003
TO Frank Jr. and family - Frank, I can't tell you how sorry I am about your mother. When I think about my own son Christopher fighting for his life everyday, it always leads me to thoughts about your Mom. She has been in my prayers, and though it is hard for us left behind to fully understand, I know she is in a better place. Today I asked God to give you strength, understanding and a willingness to accept His will in his taking your Mother home to be with Him. I wish you and your family the best. I love and miss all of you a lot. God bless you and know that you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers always.

Joe Goodson
By: Joe Goodson Nov 30, 2003

The leaves have all turned and the air is crisp today

And eariler when I awoke I heard you call out my name

An in an instant I knew my days here had come and gone

But Lord you know that's okay with me, cause I'm ready to come home

Thank you for the life I had

And for the family I'll never forget

For the times we all laughed together

I know they were all heaven sent

But now it's time for me to help you watch over them

So they know they're not alone

And after I hug them all once more in my heart you can open the gate

Cause I'm on my way home.

My children I wish you could see what I'm seeing with my own eyes

I love you and miss you, and - thank you for my life.
By: kim (stanley)brown Nov 29, 2003
dear liz and family,

i was so very sorry to read about the loss of your mom. i am in wyoming now, and found this out by looking up the courier on the internet. your mom was great when i stayed so much over at your house, and she will surely be missed. i just had to write, i hope you will contact me somehow, it has been too many years since we last saw one another. i sure remember the good times we had at your house, and your mom's good cooking. again, i am sending my sympathy to all of the family. love, kim
By: Nancy Thrasher Nov 28, 2003
Gladys was my Discussion Leader in BSF a couple of years ago. I am so glad I got to know her. She was a sweet Christian lady and a great help to me in our weekly telephone conversations. I know that she is with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, whom she dearly loved. I know the family will look to Him for strength and peace at this time.
By: Melissa Doyle Nov 28, 2003

Sometimes there are no right words to say,

When someone we love goes away.

We can only cling tight to those left behind,

And pray that comfort and peace they might find.

Often, the best medicine is when nothing is said at all.

We just need someone to wipe away the tears that fall.

Sometimes we just need a kind smile or a warm embrace,

And maybe we just need the serenity of a peaceful place.

We can't always help those that are grieving and sad.

We can only remind them of the precious memories they have.

Too many times life seems so cruel and unfair,

But always remember the love you share.

Sometimes we just need to step back and give a little space.

Let those that are hurting heal at their own pace.

So now my friends, I hope these words will reach your hearts,

And somehow help you through the hardest part.

I know I cannot take your pain away,

But my thoughts and love are with you today.

Melissa Doyle

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