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Lewis DeWitt Gibson
January 26, 1924 - January 8, 2004

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By: Linda Mimnaugh Jan 25, 2004
"Think not with sadness he is no more: but rather with gladness he was." My condolences to Lew's family and to Dollie. Linda Mimnaugh and children
By: Suzanne Mimnaugh Jan 23, 2004
I have several memories of Mr. Gibson and my father George Mimnaugh. The very last time that I saw Mr. Gibson was that he was at my parents home in the Woodlands and my mother had just bought me a piece of Waterford Stemware to add to my collection and I was in the kitchen with my father and Mr. Gibson admiring my newest addition, without any hesitation, Mr. Gibson stuck his finger in his mouth and proceeded to take his wet finger and circle it around the top of the crystal, at first I thought how gross and then he told me that if you listen as you were circling your finger around the top of the glass you could hear the sound of real crystal. As I think back on this I thought, this is a great lesson of life, listen and learn and not think that something that someone does is gross.Mr. Gibson did just that, he listened, he learned and he taught others about living life to the fullest and he taught others like my father his passion for golf.

Although, I never learned to golf or pick up the game, thinking back of Mr. Gibson, you have to be passionate about something in life and then you have to teach others about that passion.

My sincerest condolences to Mr. Gibson's family, friends and to Dolly. I know that Mr. Gibson is still teaching all of us about passion for life.


Suzanne Mimnaugh
By: John O'Brien Jan 22, 2004
Many people have that sense, you know, where they know when other people are going to die. Some people even have a sense for their own demise. And some people are just wrong, about everything, all of the time. Some people don’t even know that much.

Some of the people who do know get a landmark sense of the older people in their life really early on. It’s not like they think, “that guy’s old; he’s an unfeeling stone that will just become fossil rock. I will gauge my progress on where I’m at when he finally kicks off and dies. Yes, I will worry about the condition of my soul some time shortly after he‘s dead.” Not at all like that. But you do get a sense of mortality, so some things don‘t really surprise you, even though you‘d much rather they don‘t happen. People older than you generally die faster. People a lot older than you generally die first. And that sense -- and __
By: John O'Brien Jan 22, 2004
also wrote a poem the other night...

chicagoan observes the passing of Lew Gibson, Senior

watching TV with Uncle Lew,

he said things about a guy’s putt-

stroke and about how he had -- with

hilarious aplomb -- got that guy out

of jail, gratis, one night. i saw him

in hotels most of the time -- Western Open.

he saw himself in pick-ups most of the

time, trailing his workshop and his wares.

maybe that, in the most immediate

sense that only a Marine would know,

eyes barreling through coke-bottle

lenses, on roads so foreign they

became familiar real fast, saying politely,

this plate is hot, could you bring

me my steak fresh, darling?

maybe his immediate frame was

rigged to some ancient machine,

stoked by archaic fires, lives he embraced, town to

town. and in hotels where i saw him laughing,

big bottles on night-stands, haunted with brown

spirits, over and again, looking for a

big score he could fashion with his own

hands, a score so big he could spoil, and

then laugh bigger than Texas -- like

he always did anyway -- he envisioned

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