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Seth Reynolds Downs, Jr.
August 30, 1941 - February 4, 2004

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By: Don Sch neider Jun 12, 2016
Hello again to family and friends of the Downs family. I am trying to contact specifically Todd Downs. However, if this notice gets out to anyone who knows Carrie or David, I would appreciate an email or call, thank you very much. 406-647-5218 is my cell, and DonLSchneider@yahoo.com is my email address, God Bless Seth and family and friends. I think of him often
By: Joe Carlo Dec 21, 2015
Seth was a cool dude ...
By: Cory Taylor Apr 18, 2005
I knew Seth from a motocross school that I went to in Houston. He was a great man along with his son who was my motocross coach tod. Seth was like a dad to me that week in Houston. He rebuilt my whole top end over night just so i could have a bike that week. Thank you again Mr.Downs. God bless. God bless you and your family as well Tod. Your dad was a great man, and I will never forget him. Cory Taylor
By: Kevin Rothrock Jun 3, 2004
While I never did meet Seth Downs I did have the opportunity to meet and get to know Todd Downs during the 1998 East 4-Stroke nationals, as the sponsor and mechanic for Jim Neese & Honda of High Point. Todd is a great guy and competitor. You could tell Seth did a good job with him. I feel like Seth left us a very proud and happy man.
By: Don Schneider Feb 13, 2004
I remember first meeting Seth Downs while attending the first round of the Eastern 4-Stroke National Motocross series at the Red Budd Track N' Trail in Buchanan, Michigan, September 1998. That was 5 years and 5 months ago. I had flown out of Portland, Oregon to attend the event in order to assist the track promoters in providing the same rider rules and regulations that we held in the Western 4-Stroke Nationals, West of the Mississippi. Since there was not going to be a prior representative, Duke Finch in attendance because of commitments to be in Europe with the United States Trophy Des Nations Motocross Team, I made the journey in order to give my support to the riders. You see, I also have been working with a publishing compnay that provided printed programs to the promoters in order to use as good exposure. Royal Publishing, Peoria, Illinois asked me in advance if I would help get them rider profiles to place in the programs. Seemed like a nice thing to do. So, I flew out there and I met several riders and family members on that weekend. I recall, walking up to this Box Van that a Professional rider was inside. I introduced myself since he was racing the 4-Stroke Pro Class. These riders were the ones I was in search of helping get into the programs. I asked if Todd had some time to talk about doing a rider profile and take a photo with him. Todd was all smiles, as he is always and agreed. All this time, I watched two men (Seth and David)cleaning up a muddy Yamaha YZ400F motorcycle. I also watch as a lady (Carrie) was cleaning a helmet. What I will never forget is that this looked like a family that was in total support of Todd. During that time frame, Todd introduced his family to me. This is where the start of a GREAT friendship started. From there on, this family and I stayed in constant contact. Whether it came in the form of a telephone call or an Email, we always have been there for each other. I am witness to say, that the family element was at it's closest form when these people went to the motocross races together. I will never forget the days that Seth and Todd flew into attend a race weekend, with their motorcycle torn down into many containers. Those containers would be opened up at either a hotel or at a track that there was going to be a 4-Stroke National Motocorss race and Setha nd Todd would work diligently at putting the bike together in time for sign up and practice. This went one at so many races thousands of miles away from Texas, their home! For all the support that Seth, Carrie, Todd, David, Angela have given the motorcycle industry as well as to myself, my family and friends - There is not enough words or feelings that I can express to celebrate the life of Mr. Seth Downs himself. To me, he was and is a MAN amoung Men that will stand out from all of us. I will miss him with all my heart. I wish his family the best of days ahead and know that you can always count on me to stand beside you.

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