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Larry Dean Baird
August 6, 1965 - February 12, 2004

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By: Michael Cotrone Feb 23, 2004

I am so sorry. My heartfill wishes be with you at this time.
By: Coty Gilchrist Feb 20, 2004
Uncle Larry was more of a father to me than an uncle. All of his friends have told me that i was his favorite and his little dress up doll. He was everything to me. He always wanted the best for me and i will still try to make him happy. This is going to be hard with him not being here for all of us, but we have to stick together and be strong for each each other.
By: Kimberly Bridgman-Keaton Feb 18, 2004
Larry & I were great friends in high school & I have so many memories of laughter and friendship we shared. We also shared the gift of gab and for that we were the ones called on by the teachers for talking and would have to be separated (never for long). I have so many wonderful memories of him & all our times in school. As everyone, his smile was what I always remembered and what I will always miss. He was a GREAT person and had so many admirable qualities. I am truly sorry for your loss, please remember that he is a special soul, God has a plan for him and he will be busy. He will look over us until one day we will join him. Continue to talk to him, laugh out loud for the many funny things he did, he would want that. Cherish the small conversations and the little things, they now mean so much. I will continue to pray for the family & for Richard...just remember that we all shared this wonderful human being in our lives & he was given to us for a reason. We have been so blessed. My sympathies Kimberly Bridgman-Keaton
By: Rachel Harris Feb 17, 2004
~Words never seem to be enough when expressing heartfelt sadness, especially when the world is going to be missing such a shining soul as our Larry. It has been some time ... I will never forget Larry~ he's contagious smile and special kindness... when we were kids he was always the one to reach out to those of us who were not in the "in" group. He holds a special place in my heart, as I know he does in many others. He always went out of his way to make sure everyone was included and everyone was enjoying life as he always did!!! We will miss you my dear ~ wholeheartedly! Pease be with you... and yours~ God Bless~
By: Margaret Guerra Feb 16, 2004
Your smile hasn't changed a bit!

My deepest condolences to each member of the family. I will keep every one of you in my prayers.
By: Debra Brill Feb 16, 2004
Words can not express the sorrow my heart feels for each and everyone of you. We have all known each other for so many years. Doris,Darla and Daina I love you all like sisters. I know how your hearts are breaking at this time, please call on the lord for his help. When we lost my brother David I know the lord carried my family. I am sorry that I can not be with you the next 2 days but know that I am there in spirit and am praying for all of you. May God Bless you all and Larry til we see him again. I'll never forget the last laughs and fun Larry and I shared even if it was several years ago. With Love Debra D. Brill
By: Kristine Nelson-Patrick Feb 16, 2004
A wonderful sweet person whose beautiful smile will always be in my memories and whose extremely happy laugh will live in my heart. To all our memories and friends - may we never forget. All my love to his family and friends through this hard time.
By: Nelda Vidales Feb 16, 2004
Our deepest condolences to my cousins Darla, Diana, Doris and aunt alejandra. I am sorry for your loss and understand how you feel; you will be in our thoughts and prayers. We will have a prayer for Larry.

We Love you,
By: Juanita Vidales Feb 16, 2004
I am so sorry to hear of your loss, my prayers are with you all. Love you all.

Your Tia Juana
By: Tamara Stowe-Lumpkin Feb 16, 2004
I was a high school classmate of Larry's and I will never forget that great smile. He always had a smile for everyone no matter what was going on. My sympathy goes out to all of his family and friends.
By: Missy Guajardo-Quilizapa Feb 16, 2004
~~May the four winds blow you home safely~~ I'm sad and happy today. Sad that my friend Larry has passed on but happy knowing that he is no longer suffering. Thanks for the beautiful person that you have always been Larry. I'm thankful I was able to see you and that we chatted for the short time we had. My prayers go out to Richard and the family. I know he's up there laughing. I love you Larry.
By: Simply Divine Feb 16, 2004
I had not seen Larry in 4 years since I left Rich's, where we worked the front door together. Wednesday of last week out of the clear blue, I remembered the time all the employees of Rich's were going to La Strada for a promotion and I asked Larry was he going and he said, "I can't I have to be here all night getting the club ready for tommorrow". I wanted Larry to not be left out so I said, "If I stay and help, will you go?",he said "Yes,it will make the cleaning would go twice as fast". So we stayed after the club closed, lots of hard work but a lot of laughs! We were able to go home and catch a couple of winks before getting ready to go to the promotional brunch. Now I have not thought of that story in over 4 years and yet it came into my mind last week and I did not find out until Saturday of the sad news! I believe in my heart of hearts that was Larry telling me goodbye in his own special way! The world may be a dimmer place without Larry's smile, but it will illuminate in all the hearts he touched forever, for I know he touched my heart and I will remember Larry always.
By: Roxanne Drackett Feb 16, 2004
I would first like to offer my condolences and most heartfelt sympathy to Larry's family and loved ones. He was loved much by many. I hope that each of you find solace and take comfort in knowing that his suffering is over and that his soul has gone home to God where he has likely been charged with watching over all of you and making sure that you have humor and joy infused into your lives on a daily basis.

Though I’ve not seen Larry for some time, he and my sister Lindy have been great friends for many, many years and it was through Lindy that I came to know the voice - the laugh - the dimpled face -- the luminescent smile that was and always will be, Larry. Words alone cannot begin to describe the void that Larry's passing has left me and so many others feeling, but because his life touched mine in such a special and happy way, I feel compelled to attempt to convey to his family and loved ones just what he meant to me and to my family. Although always dapperly dressed and impeccably groomed, it was not really Larry’s physical presence that made him so commanding. It was that voice! That booming voice and deep hearty guffawing laugh were impossible to ignore! Even in a house filled to the brim with tons of kids and bustling activity like ours always was when we were growing up, Larry’s presence was immediately and undeniably noticeable whenever he entered our home -- no more so than if his arrival been announced by trumpet fanfare or a B-52 flyover. Even more telling is that long after Larry left our house, we were still holding our sides - laughing and talking about what he’d said or more likely, what he'd done while he was there. I don’t believe that I have ever known, or will ever encounter anyone whose laugh was so heartfelt�..so true�..so engaging. One didn’t just hear Larry’s laugh, you experienced it - you felt it deep down inside where most of us need laughter the most. Larry touched that part of me and I’m sure of many others, and I for one will be a little sadder every day knowing that I will never have the chance to hear that laugh again. But now, just as in those times in years past, I think we should bask in the lighthearted, happy-go-lucky and joyous atmosphere Larry generated. May we relive over and over and over again in our hearts, the true essence that was Larry -- remembering the boisterous laughter and gleaming smile with great fondness and affection for one who was a son, brother, uncle, godfather, dear friend - the unchained melody that was, for a while on this earth, known to us as Larry Dean Baird.

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