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Shane Antony Kent
March 15, 1990 - March 2, 2004

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Tributes Add Your Tribute
By: MOM Mar 15, 2011
Happy 21st Birthday Shaney. Wish you were here!
Love MOM.
By: molly Mar 27, 2010
i love you shaneeee<3 i hope you liked your presents:)
By: Molly Mar 27, 2010
theres really no need to thank me. just thinking about him like i know hed do for me. he was an amazing person and i know i didnt know him for very long since he wasnt at montgomery for a long time but he meant a lot to me. and if you ever need to get in contact with me: www.facebook.com/mollyxboo again, i am so sorry for the loss.
By: Mom Mar 6, 2010
Well, 6 years and I still can't breathe. I wish it got easier, but I miss you more every day. Till I see you again, Happy early Birthday,
Love MOM.
Molly, thank you. I wish I knew where you are!
By: molly Feb 9, 2010
almost six years, i miss you more and more everyday. thanks for being there when i need someone to talk to at 2 in the morning. i love you so much.
By: mom Mar 3, 2009
I miss you, still everyday five years later.
Love you,
By: Mom Jul 11, 2007
Hey Shane, It's been a long time, and still seems like yesterday. I miss you everyday. I'm on the other side of the world now, but your still in my heart. We've been to Dubai, Mumbai, Seychelles and Singapore. We are headed to Bangkok and Phucket next month, I wish you were here with us.
Love, Ma
By: Molly Hammac Jul 23, 2006
its been two years and i still cant believe your gone i miss you everyday. i love you
By: Julie Barousse May 15, 2004
i wanted to send you my prayers for your son. i didn't know him but he has touvhed my heart. i wanted to let the family and friends of shane kent know that a memorial has been set up ont he website known as www.findagrave.com to reach his memorial on that site click on search 5.5 million grave records, then it will show three boxes for first, middle and last name and fill in those with shane antony kent name. then click search and a nox containing his name birth date and death date should appear. you are welcome to leacea tribute there for either friends to see or his family to see. it's a free website to join. if you would like more information don't be afraid to contact me. if there are any correction needed please let me know.

my prayers and thoughts are with shane kent family.
By: Lauri Kent Mar 15, 2004
Dear Shane,

Happy Birthday. I will always love you and forever miss you.


By: Josh Wright Mar 8, 2004
This was and will always be my friend. It makes you wonder what God has in store for you and the rest of your life. I will miss him alot and would like to send my condolences to his family and tell them how sorry I am for their lose. May God Bless

Your Friend Josh
By: Chris, Tamie, Barkley and Mellen Mar 5, 2004
Our family would like to extend our deepest regards to each of you. Our son Barkley is on the MHS swim team with Chris. We are also aware that Shane and Chris were swimmers in my brother's neighborhood in Spring. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help. The Mellen Family
By: Tracy, Trudy & Molly Hammac Mar 5, 2004
Our daughter Molly has been a classmate of your son for several years. She is heartbroken at his passing. Our family sends prayers to you at this time.
By: Bill, Dylan, and Mehle Corder Mar 5, 2004
Shane will be deeply missed by the family at Kuk Sool Won. He was a devoted assistant and teacher. We all appreciated the time he spent with the younger students. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for your family.

Bill, Dylan. and Mehle Corder
By: Molly Hammac Mar 5, 2004
Shane i am so sorry that you are not with us anymore. i will never forget you. Hopefully you wont either. when i saw you lying in your casket i tried to fight back tears but i couldnt.seeing you lie there motionless left me full of tears. i wish i could spend one more day with you. everyday in second period your smile always brightened my day. our math class was so heartbroken when we heard that you passed on. we started a fundraiser called the shane foundation. all of the money we raise goes towards a memorial for you and all of the extra's goes to the ronald mcdonald house charities. i feel terrible about what happened but i feel worse for your family. they knew you your entire life. i knew you since you moved here in fifth grade.

i wish i could say more but i am on the verge of tears so im gonna end this real soon. its gotten very lonely in math class with out you. All we ever talk about in class is you.

I will forever miss you.

Love your forever friend,

Molly Hammac

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