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Fred ''Flintstone'' Roach
February 13, 1952 - March 9, 2004

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By: Leah Stamps Aug 12, 2004
R.I.P. DAD. I wish that I would have been able to at least say goodbye. I will forever keep you in my heart and my mind. I still can't believe that your gone. So many times I have been sitting around and wanted to get up and go see you... only I can't anymore. So many times I wanted to ask you a question about something, knowing I would always get plenty of information nomatter what the topic. Most holidays are filled with loneliness. So many times we got together and barbequed. Those were the good ole days. It will live on... and I know you will be there, looking down on us with your bright smile and warm heart. I never got to say it before you left, but I love you and REALLY appreciate everything you did for me and my brothers. You are an amazing person.

Fred spent his life making sure that others were happy at all times. He would give the shirt off of his back for ANYONE in a heartbeat. Although he wasn't my biological father, he was my DAD and will always be remembered and thought of as my dad! He took me and my brothers and treated us all like we were HIS children. He walked me down the isle at my wedding and gave me away. When I needed help or advice, he was always quick to give it. When I was sad he always knew the right things to say or do to make me instantaneously smile... most of the time even laugh. His sparkling personality stood out in a crowd like noone else could. He will live on forever!
By: Marsha Dupree Talton Apr 12, 2004
I spoke with Elmer and Jackie at church this morning. I gave Jackie my address and telephone number. My mother-in-law told me of Fred's death yesterday but she didn't remember when or how Fred died. Time did not allow me to speak to Elmer and Jackie concerning the information so that I could relate it to John Wesley and "Tim." This evening John Wesley was notified by e-mail of his father's death. I told "Tim" tonight when I returned home from Lake Charles as he currently lives with my husband and I. Fred's death came as a shock to all of us. John Wesley lives in Houston and has a daughter, Caitlain Victoria born June 22, 1996. Neither of the boys were adopted when I married John Talton from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

My prayers are with Fred's entire family. May each of you find solace with each passing day.

By: Cindy Kamal Mar 25, 2004
Fred and I were married for 13 years. We laughed a lot. Fred was a dad to my 3 little children. He took them as his own, loved them, called them his own. We had a son together, named Mark Aaron. Mark lived with Fred for the past 4 years off and on. Fred did a good job with him. I will always remember the good things about Fred and will always think of him and the bond that kept us friends - our son, Mark.

Fred loved to read. He would read endlessly anything and everything. He was a very smart man. He also loved to bowl. If he couldn't go to the bowling alley, he would certainly find a game to watch on tv. And he could make us all laugh. He was quick witted, and could turn a frown around to a smile with one line.

Fred was a friend to all. He would never turn his back on anybody. He never judged anyone. He wouldn't tell you what to do, but would rather help you to figure out all your options and come up with your own solution - a wonderful listener. He remained my friend even after our marriage dissolved. I could always count on him to save me no matter what the situation. He was a true friend.

Fred will live in our hearts forever.

I appreciate you and thank you Fred. May your spirit live on always in our hearts and minds.

By: Kaye (Alford) Des'Ormeaux Mar 12, 2004
In 1965, my family moved to Westlake for my dad to preach at a church there. Upon moving there, I was just 13 years old and felt my entire life had been shattered by the move. I had left my friends and classmates in North Louisiana and only had my older sister, Linda, (who actually graduated with Fred) left to comfort me. However, within a month after moving to Westlake, I met Fred Roach. He was so friendly from day one. He rode me on his motorcycle and showed me that moving to Westlake was not so bad after all. That was more than 30 years ago but I still give him credit for helping me to adjust to SW Louisiana. I wish I had taken the opportunity to tell him that he was dear to me as a friend. Maybe now, as he looks down from Heaven, he can feel the sorrow I feel for his passing. My heart & prayers go out to his family ... It appears he has left a great legacy behind. **My sister, Linda, went to Heaven in August 1999 and I am sure they are watching over us from Heaven today. With hugs from a high school friend & classmate - Kaye Des'Ormeaux (You can find some of my poems at www.tcfatlanta.org/KayeDesOrmeauxBook.html

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