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Franklin ''Pete'' S. Markle, Jr.
died March 12, 2004

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By: Linda Lafon Mar 16, 2004
Pete was an inspiration to me in that he had the rare ability to express his passion for life, work, and the people he loved. Last year I had the opportunity to work closely with Pete and finally understood why he never met a stranger. It was because he exemplified all that is good and decent in a person and it endeared him to all that were fortunate enough to know him. Most of all I will remember the twinkle in Pete's eyes and the big smile that lit up his face when he spoke so lovingly of his "little redhead". Betty, our thoughts and prayer are with you and your family as you celebrate the life of this special man.
By: Richard Markle Mar 15, 2004
I will always cherish the memory of the joy and pride of having Petie for a big brother.He was a my friend and idol in many ways.I feel so blessed for having him my life.Richard Markle
By: Susan Coleman Mar 15, 2004
Pete was a one of a kind jewel and it was a pleasure to know him and work with him. His reputation was one of honesty and integrity and anyone who met him was blessed to know him. His wife Betty was the icing on the cake together they could get through anything. The love that radiated from them any time one was mentioned in front of the other or if they were together somewhere they were simply contagious with energy and love. Pete will be dearly missed by the entire Global Services family and his customers or better said- friends.
By: Jeff Johnson Mar 15, 2004
I met Pete about 5 years ago as a regular customer at Barnes and Noble, where I work in the coffeeshop. Pete was always a great guy to talk to. No mattter what kind of cruddy day I might be having, it always seemed to brighten after talking to Pete. He always left you with a feeling of "Man, Pete is so cool!" He always greeted me with a spirited "Whaddaya say, Jeff?" Everyone at BN who knew Pete was extremely saddened upon hearing of Pete's passing. Personally, I had to go to the back room for quite some time and compose myself before I could go back out and work. I think that the fact that Pete was cared for so much by the people who only saw him a couple times a week when he was getting his coffee and would shoot the breeze for 10 minutes is a true testament to what a great guy Pete was.
By: Patsy Crow Mar 15, 2004
I first met Pete several years ago when he came to work at Allstate. He was a true Southern gentleman and had the nicest, pleasant smile. He was a man of true integrity and I enjoyed knowing Pete and working with him for several years. He always had a kind word for everyone and was so pleasant to be around. My sympathy to Betty and to Pete's family, to his multitude of friends and co-workers who will miss this dear man. I am glad that I knew Pete.

God Bless and Comfort You.
By: Kim Stahlhut Mar 15, 2004
Words cannot express my sadness when I heard that we had lost such a precious person. Betty, we all know that you were the light of his life as he was yours. May your memories continue to lift you up. My prayers are with you during this most difficult of times. Pete was truly a remarkable man who will be missed by all that had the opportunity to know him.
By: Heather DeFoor Mar 15, 2004
Pete wasn't just a step-father to me he was a father. I loved and admired him more than mere words can say and he loved me like I was his very own. I would call the house (quite often) not just to talk to my mom but to talk to him as well - he always had something interesting to say or some valuable advise to give. Over the past four years I spent a lot of time with him, visiting on the weekends, going to U of H games and spending holidays with both him and my mom. I feel honored to have been with him, my amazing mom and wonderful brother, Frank, when he passed away. Pete will live in my memory always. I will always love him and will miss him dearly.
By: Rachel Leist Cook Mar 15, 2004
I remember Pete as always being so happy and always having a smile on his face. He was always proud of his family and it showed eveytime I saw him at our get togethers in Angleton. I could also tell that his love for Betty was great and true and that it would last forever. He was also always postive and never said a harsh word to anyone. I have been truly blessed to know him in his last few years.
By: Cyndi Wilcox Mar 15, 2004
I will always remember Pete as a kind, honest and generous man. However, what I remember the most was how hilarious he was! He was really very, very funny and just full of energy. I worked with Pete at IKON for several years and I can’t even begin to describe the wild antics that he would pull. He would have our whole team laughing so hard at his craziness. During those times, I often thought that he must be the funniest person I had ever met. Pete was so wonderful to everyone and I know that I am not alone in missing him. My thoughts and prayers go out to Betty and all of Pete’s family and friends.
By: Betty &Frank Lemmon Lemmon Mar 15, 2004
We are still stunned to think that our friend Pete is no longer with us. What a pleasure it was to have Pete as a friend. Peter was a classmate at Austin, graduated a year after we did. He stayed in close touch with many from our class. Over the years it has been a pleasure to see Pete at UofH funcitons, both good and bad.

We live in Spring, and off and on have run into Pete. Never once was he the least bit negative, always had a smile on his face and something nice to say. Still remember at a football game, when he came up with this very pretty lady, and said"Betty Jo this is Betty Lou" Their love for each other was profound and very apparent.

Betty and Mrs Markle, please feel free to call and ask us to do anything at all. Our prayers and good thoughts are with you.

With Love,

Betty & Frank Lemmon
By: Cliff Rosner Mar 14, 2004
I was a rookie copy machine salesman at SCM (1965) and Pete was a successful calculator salesman. He was a real wit, and my most vivid memory of him is the old Plymouth that Pete parked in front of the office. It was covered with a half-inch of dirt, into which, someone, probably Pete, had inscribed "Wash me, Pete." I knew he could afford whatever car he wanted, and as a naive 21 year old, I asked him about it. Pete taught me a valuable lesson. He told me that he called on blue-collar businesses and he didn't want to show up with a spiffy new car. He just wanted to look like one of his clients. Even at 21, I learned to recognize sales genius and a great sense of humor. I regret not having had the chance to become a closer friend.

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