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Freddie Duke Brooks
October 8, 1932 - April 13, 2004

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By: Elizabeth Rydeen Apr 15, 2004
Freddie....We will all miss your smile and sweet nature.....May God bless and keep you close......
By: Mary Pemelton Apr 15, 2004
Dearest Frances...These words struck a cord with me several years ago when I lost my husband, Dee. "When I must leave you for a while, please do not grieve and shed much tears by hugging your sorrow to you through the years.....But start out bravely with a smile

and for my sake and in my name live on and do all things the same. Feed not your loneliness on empty days, but fill each waking hour in useful ways. Reach out your hand in comfort and in cheer. And I in turn will comfort you and hold you near; and never be afraid to die for I am waiting for you in the sky....

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