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Esther Jean Roup
September 24, 1958 - May 3, 2004

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By: Lori Heck May 14, 2004

You have only been gone my mine and everybody else's life for a little over a week now and I am taking it pretty well considering I looked to you as my mom as well as so many others you touched. I never got to get around to calling you mom but in my my heart you where as close to me as my own parents are. I am finally starting to realize that you are not with us anymore and that I can't just come over to your house to talk to you whenever something goes wrong in my life. I miss you so much. Whenever I see a house wrapped, hear a guitar being played, or pass the Lifetime channel on the television set I always think of you and that will probably never end because you touched my heart when you were here and my heart will forever be marked by your wisdom and loving care. Please watch over all of us up there and say hi to Colby for me. I am sure you are happy up there with him now. I Love you Mom!

By: Casey Heck May 7, 2004
Esther was a dear friend to our family. When she joined our girl scout troop in l997, she was so helpful and warm to all the girls. She made sure none of the girls were left out or picked on. Lots of times when I couldn't get another adult to help me with camping or cookie sales, Esther always volunteered and made the events extra special. The girls all loved her cooking, her wild, interesting stories, and her loving guidance. She made everything so special and memorable. She was also so helpful with advice and wisdom when we bought our horse. When ever we had a problem with anything, Esther seemed to have experience and knowledge on the subject and was a great comfort in helping us with useful advice. She was especially good at standing up for us and defending us when we were feeling picked on by enimies or strangers. We thank God that he blessed us with this "once in a life time special friend" and we will miss her very much. With Love, The Hecks.
By: Kristi Ritchie May 7, 2004
I really don't know how to put this into words but I would like to say "thank - you" Esther for all thoes long talks we had, and how you made me feel better by just being there for me. Esther you don't know just how much you and your family means to me. You have been there for me since yall move in when Myra and I were in 2nd grade. You were always thought of as a mom to me, you treated me like your own and loved me like your own as well. You might not know this but as a child I wanted to be like you when I grew up. Esther you were the "coolest" mom I ever had and I wil never forget you. You hold a special place in my heart. Everytime I see a house that has been wrapped there will be thoes memories all us kids pileing up in the suburban and you hauling us around late at night to wrap houses, boy did we have fun. Esther you were the only one who understood the real ME. I confided in you with many of my problems and if it was not for you being there to listen to me I really can not say what type of person I would have turned out to be. Esther one of the things ZI can remember about you is that no matter what situtation was at hand you always cared how I felt. You and Glenn have opened not only yalls hearts but also your home to me, THANK - YOU. One thing I know for sure is I am Proud that you were a part of my life, you mean sooo much to me. "MoM" you will be missed dearly and loved even more. Do me a favor while you are up there watching us all, keep my butt in line, Lord only knows you were the only person that I auctally listened to and took advice from. I Love You Kristi
By: Larry & Myra Lundstrom May 7, 2004
We Love You Esther. We know you are having the time of your life. Give Colby a big hug and a kiss for us. Please watch over us and send love and kisses our way...we will see you soon. =)

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