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Barry Blackburn
died May 24, 2004

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By: Pat Harvill May 26, 2004

Cancer is a dreaded disease! My thoughts go out to you and your family for what you all endured. Hopefully there will be a certain calmness for all of you now.


Pat Harvill
By: Linda Rahmn May 26, 2004
Mrs. Blackburn, Linda and family

Mr. Blackburn was a very special man. He was always so thoughtful and caring no matter how he felt. I don't think he ever called me by my given name, but we had a closeness that he nicknamed me "T.M. (troublemaker)".

That was just how close of a relation we had at the office. I will dearly miss him and you all are in my prayers. I have kept up with his condition with Linda and through Dr. Cagle's office.

God Bless you all
By: sally turner May 25, 2004
25 years ago I worked in the golf shop for Don Massengale. I remember Barry and all of his family as some of the friendliest most sincere people I had the pleasure of meeting. They all relected God's love.
By: Jean Toohey May 25, 2004
It's very hard to say anything right at this time. I just remember all the good times in Gril Scouts at the Blackburn house. Thanks
By: Charles Bonney May 25, 2004
I have great respect and admiration for Barry as he served so faithfully in the BSF leadership group, even though his health sometimes made it difficult. He was committed to sharing the Bible with others, and I know that he touched the lives of many men this way over the years. My deepest sympathy for Ilene and his family.
By: Flo Nelson May 25, 2004
Our family was truly blessed when we were neighbors of the Blackburn Family. Barry was one of the kindest people to our family and especially our special son. Barry even played golf with Albert and helped him many times. Barry loaned his family to us through the Girl Scout Programs. He always knew when to leave because 12 teen age girls were coming to his house for their weekly meeting. But, he was always there when it came for our snack. Barry is in a better place, I'm told. God must have needed a special golfer up there to teach others how to be that "Very Special Person". Our love to you all.
By: Bob Darwin May 25, 2004
Barry was an extraordinary gentleman, always with a warm and friendly smile. I enjoyed his friendship through BSF leadership, and I enjoyed some special times playing golf at River Plantation with him. I will long remember him fishing with one or more of the grandkids on Charleston number 8. He has left us all richer for having known and shared his life. He truly loved the Lord, and He loved to study God's Word. I praise the Lord knowing that Barry is with his Lord, enjoying that eternal fellowship.

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