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Robert Gene Petitt
October 1, 1951 - May 27, 2004

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By: Ashli Jordan Aug 16, 2004
I am Scott's wife. We met in high school and will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary on 9/11. My only knowledge and memories of Bob are from pictures and stories provided by Scott, Bryan, and Sherry. I am currently carrying Bob's grandchild. It is our first. I am very sad to hear of this news. I had always had the hope that someday, I would get to meet Bob and have some sort of relationship with him. I feel like I know a small part of Bob because Scott looks so much like him and from what I hear, Scott has some of his personality traits as well. The family is in my thoughts and may Bob rest in peace.
By: Louise Williamson Jul 1, 2004
Bob was a truly wonderful person. He was there for me when I needed someone the most. Bob is my best friend and always will be, nobody can ever take his place in my heart. I live to see him again someday, that's what keeps me going through this. For him and everyone out there that misses him I just want you to know that i miss him more. I truly loved him for the person he was and the person he always will be in my heart. God bless

his family.
By: Jenna Petitt Jun 2, 2004
my wonderful uncle, you were and always will be very special to me. you loved me as if i were your own and im so greatful that i was able to have a relationship with you that was so special, it was a relationship that only we know how truly special it was. thank you for your love, your hugs, your smiles, and all the laughs. i know you would have done anything for me. i love you so much and i will miss you. not a day will go by that i dont see your smiling face and know you are still with me. i knwo someday we will meet again, and i cant wait. i love you and take care of my Mimi up there! XOXOXO (dont forget about my wedding :) ) ~JENNA~
By: Lisa Burch Jun 1, 2004
I am so glad I got to see Bob this past Christmas. We never know how long we have on earth. Bob will be missed by all of your family. I remember lots of times getting together on Sundays and watching Bob, Bill, Ricky, my brothers Mike & Steve play football with other neighborhood friends. I also remember getting hit in the head with a dirt rock by Bob - it was all in fun - nothing intentional (I think ?). Rest in peace cousin.
By: Marquettia Shewmaker May 31, 2004
I just want the family to know what a special guy Bob was to me and my family.

He came into my life and made me happy again.

I will miss him greatly.

Our prayers are with the family at this time.

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