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James Harold Anderson
June 12, 1927 - June 11, 2004

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By: Jamie James Jun 19, 2004
I am so sorry to hear of Jim's passing. To his family, I am so glad that you had him for as long as you did. He was always such a kind, gentle person, and he was always the first to bring a smile to my face. I can remember being very young and how sweet Jim always was to me. He spoke to me like I was an adult, and that made me LOVE going to visit him! I also remember him and my dad cutting up...like always! My thoughts and prayers are with your family, and to Jim, God bless you.


Jamie James
By: Melissa Underwood Jun 14, 2004
I was heartbroken when I heard the news late yesterday. Jim was the type of person who exuded such a powerful presence, it was hard to believe he that wouldn't live forever. I'm sorry for his suffering and am grateful that he is at peace now and he will always live in my heart. Since leaving Showcase Auto Paint & Body four and a half years ago, the influence he and his family have had on me is remarkable. I find myself comparing everyone and every situation to them and my experiences with them. And just about everything falls short. They just don't make them like Jim anymore. Everyone relates how Jim loved his family and friends. That in and of itself is wonderful and true, but most people love their loved ones. I would like to impart a few examples of the way I remember Jim that illustrate his compassion for others. When my daughter grew too big for her crib, he bought us her first bed. When I needed prescriptions that I couldn't afford, he helped me with a letter campaign to political representatives and the drug companies enabling me to get the medicine I needed. On the way back from delivering a vehicle to a customer with him he noticed a young boy pushing his bicycle down Frazier St. We pulled over and was informed by the boy that his bike needed new inner tubes. Jim had me wait with the boy at a gas station while he took the bike to Western Auto and had it repaired. He returned in less than an hour and sent the child on his way. He often gave hungry people work despite being fully staffed. This is the way I will remember Jim Anderson.

I love you Jim,

may you rest in peace and hug Sherry for me.
By: Jack Green Jun 13, 2004
Jim will be missed by all. I learned a lot from Jim. He was like a father to me. Jim was always there for me.

He would let you know if you wasn't doing what he expected. I enjoyed the fishing trips we had, although I'm not so sure he was the master fisherman he claimed, somehow if you caught more fish or a bigger fish than he did it was always because you were lucky. Steve and I grew up together under the stiff thumb of Jim. I do believe that Jim kept us headed in the right direction and believe me that was a full time job, I don't really know when he had the time to run a body shop. I will miss our laughs, jokes and the serious talks, but he is at peace now and that is all that matters. I'm sorry that I can't be there but time doesn't allow it.


Your Adopted Son,

By: jim Dozier Jun 13, 2004
It was pleasure and privledge to have known Jim Anderson for the past 22 years. He had a spirit and an enthusiasm for life matched by few. When he called you friend, he meant it. Not only in word, but deed. I have been the recepient of Jim's love, care, concern, and generosity on many occasions. I never can remember seeing him without that bountiful smile. He cared deeply for his friends. It goes without saying, the most precious thing in his life was his family. A conversation was not complete with Jim without him talking of his family. Jim was a terrifc, unique man that gave his all to those he cared about. There may be others like him, but it will be a short list. He left a void on this earth as he departed to join his beloved Sherry and the Lord.

Note to Steve and family: This weekend is the marriage of my youngest daughter. While I am not there in person, Susan and I certainly will be there is spirit. Love, Jim and Susan Dozier

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