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Madge Armato
February 11, 1942 - July 18, 2004

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By: Donald Aug 22, 2006
I met Madge in Chicago while I was with WMAQ-TV. We dated for several months and I really fell in love with her. Unfortunately, I had already made a commitment to move to New Mexico as a US Park Service Ranger. Madge came for a visit and we had fun exploring the southwest.

She had the best smile I ever saw, and such a big heart. I lost track of her over the years, but not from my heart. I was both happy and then so sad to find her shortly before she passed away. And so very young...to me she will always be that bright smiling woman I loved so much.

I met her sister one time when she came to visit Madge and I was so glad she was there for her at the end. Madge and I talked about those long ago days. She said one thing that will always have a special place in my heart. "Perhaps I can come visit," she said, with that smile in her voice. Shortly, she was gone...and yet in my heart she did come to visit and a part of her will always be in my heart and the memory of what should have been.

I know this won't make sense to some, but I felt it was necessary to express my love and affection for dear Madge. I pray for her every night and dream of those long ago days when we were both young and in love...God be you, Madge and with your family.

Donny (Aug.22, 2006)

Don Marion

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