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Thomas Cope
October 10, 1930 - August 21, 2004

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By: Cathy Odom Aug 26, 2004
It is evident from all the postings here that Tom was a well loved individual. He touched the lives of so many people. He was kind, sincere and took a true interest in the lives of those around him. His memory was truly amazing. He remembered everyone's name and that simple act made people feel special. He always walked me to my car on late nights and, we would discuss various topics from what a great company Baker Hughes is (he was a retiree of Baker and they were a client of mine at the time) to baseball and golf. He always had a kind word and a ready smile. He was a calming force in the whirlwind days at Hewitt and I'm honored to have known him.

I'm sincerely sorry for loss. God Bless.
By: Carolyn Benge Aug 25, 2004
I consider it an honor to have known Tom. He was such a kind caring man that made a point to make each person feel special. What a memory he had, always greeted us with a smile, and called each one by name. Your family has suffered a terrible loss, my prayers are with you during this sad time. Tom will be deeply missed!
By: Meredith Singletary Aug 25, 2004
My favorite Tom story was that he was asked to decide the name of his job at Hewitt. He came up with 'Lobby Ambassador'. And it was SO fitting! He truly was our Ambassador...not only to the people who walked through the doors of Hewitt, but to all of us in life. The way that he truly cared for everyone, and showed us how to be kind and thoughtful is something that we should all strive for.

My heart is heavy for your family & for this world for us having lost our Ambassador. Thank you for sharing him with us.

By: Thomas Singletary Aug 25, 2004
A measure of a man is not made by the title he carries, the car he drives, or the home he lives in, but by the way he conducts himself in life. Tom Cope was a man above the rest, exemplifing the qualities of what it meant to be a gentleman and a friend. Whether it was a joke, a welcoming smile, or simple "hello", Tom knew everyone at Hewitt and made any guest feel welcome and at home. You just don't find people like Tom much anymore. He will be missed by many and remembered by all of those whose lives he touched daily. God Bless You Tom.
By: Fred Halperin Aug 25, 2004
As I think back over the many years I had the honor and pleasure of working with Tom, I remember most how--after every time we interacted-I invariably had a lighter feeling in my heart, a smile on my face, and a bounce in my step.

He greeted me by name and always made the time to chat-to see how I was and to ask about Julie. He came by and checked to see if I was okay on those many nights when I worked late. He walked me to my car when it was dark. He took care of me, and-so far as I know-he took care of all of us.

Tom was a gracious and gentle man, and all of us were better for having known him. I am sad at his passing-for his family-and for the rest of us who were fortunate enough to know him and to be touched by him.
By: Bruce Hernandez Aug 24, 2004
I had the honor of knowing Mr. Tom "Tommy" Cope for the majority of my years at Hewitt. Tom always greeted you with a smile and a joke before starting your work day. I remember Tom meeting new associates for the first time, but never once forgetting their names all the while they were at Hewitt. I was amazed at the effort Tom made to remember everyone's name. Even if you left the firm, but came back years later or just stopped by to visit, he would still remember you. Tom was not only my friend, he was a father figure to me. Rest well my friend, I will never forget you...
By: Jennifer Krueger Aug 24, 2004
Tom made an immeasurable impression on all those around him. He greeted everyone with interest and caring--and, of course, always by name! I met him when I started at Hewitt and enjoyed visiting with him, hearing about golf, his wife--the love of his life, and his optimistic outlook on life. He was a joy to be around. Tom not only cared deeply about the job he did--but for the people around him. It was my honor to know him.

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.
By: Sylvia Liles Aug 24, 2004
Tom always greeted all of us at Hewitt with a knowing smile and a sincere desire to help. He was a true professional, but still had time for humor. I am truly saddened for the family at this time of sudden loss. Please accept my sincerest condolences.
By: Shelley Guthrie Aug 24, 2004
My heart was deeply saddened when I heard the news. Tom has not only been very gracious to me, but also to my family. He knew and touched so many people's lives through his genuine sincerity for people. It’s very apparent as so many have been reminiscing about Tom and expressing their sorrow to each other over the past couple of days. It is undeniable that we all loved the way he brightened our days by knowing our names, and taking a true interest in us.

To Tom's family, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Shelley Guthrie
By: Susan Kachnovitz Aug 24, 2004
Coming to work and greeted by a most welcoming smile, and by name was a delightful way to begin or end the day. My husband came to our Grogan's Mill office a couple of times a year, and Tom always remembered his name. His kindness, his humor and professional way of handling people was grand. We share in your families sadness.

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