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Christopher Kyle McClendon
May 15, 1985 - September 19, 2004

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By: chris hernandez Jan 28, 2008
kyle i just want you to know i love you and so does celeste and we dont blame you one bit for what happened and we enjoyed every minute we got to spend with you in our lives. we miss you man. and iam honored to be one of the ones to be with you the last moments of your life. i l love you man
By: Christina Hejl Apr 19, 2005
Yes I know this may sound crazy but this is to Chris. Chris, I love you a lot and I had a dream about us just the other night and Billy was there and everyone. We were laughting and joking and you were making fun of my make-up cuz I was crying :-) . I miss you so much it hurts to think about you but even after all this time I can. You we're my first true love and I will never forget you baby I love you and miss you. Don't forget me please
By: Christina Hejl Nov 9, 2004
Dear Mrs. Austin,

I'm very sorry to find out what happened to Chris.I found out over a month later.Billy tryed to call me and tell me what happened but I was never home to find out.When I did I couldn't breath and I cryed.I can't imagin ya'lls pain I know you loved him.He was very special to me and we were together for like 4 months. I'm the one that you said he can't talk to on the phone because I was only 15.Well I loved hima nd I wanted to tell you that I'm very sorry.If theres anything I can do write me at Christina Hejl 920 I-45 South #105 Conroe Tx 77301.

R.I.P. Christopher Kyle McClendon I love you muchezz!! <3
By: Jeremy Miser Sep 23, 2004
Dear Kyles family,

This is Jeremy Miser from Wichita Falls, i am so sorry.... I have been trying to locate Kyle for the very longest time and could not come up with anything, although tonight i sadly found an upsetting article on my little buddy. I wish i could be there with you... Please when you get a chance give me a call. Keith and Zack you guys cross my mind all the time. I dont know if i should be telling you guys this at this time but i lost my brother also April 4th 2003 , and i know how it feels to loose a loved one thats so very close to you. I would love to hear from the both of you. Believe it or not I tried finding all of you for quite some time now. then tonight which it is Thursday at 2.oo in the mourning i find this out over the internet and i just wish i could get down there in time. I still remember the last time Kyle came down and visited, we were just kids... and he grows up to be a U.S Marine.... I am truly sorry, i still live in the same house on Powell street my phone number is 940-322-2939 Please when you get a chance call me. I know its hard but try and be strong

Kyle is in Heaven now with my brother Shawn... R.I.P Christopher Kyle Mccledon I love ya Jeremy Miser

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