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Evelyn Paula Crowson
September 12, 1960 - October 20, 2004

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Kaylie Masonkory hardin
kory hardinChris matta & Michael Slayton
I am so very sorry for your tragic loss. I know whKay Clements
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By: Belle Hansen Jul 16, 2014
Love and miss you Paula!!
By: shari morgan Feb 12, 2013
to my cousin Paula wish we had stayed close when we grew up. But life seperated us and we lost touch,but i never forgot any of you and always loved you!! now i will see you again in heaven, where time will have no meaning! I miss you and will keep you in my heart!! your cousin Shari (Nail) Morgan
By: James, Lauri & Chris Kent Nov 9, 2004
Jackie, wow, unbeleivable! I want you to know we feel your pain and loss. Hopefully, Shane is showing her the ropes. They are neighbors now. I have something here for you, but I don't know where you live. Please give me a call. I know Paula was an awesome mom, raising these great kids.

Thinking of you all,

Love the Kent family.
By: Chris Matta Oct 25, 2004

I love mom almost as much as yall,and she was a mom to me when mine wasnt their.

She took me and garrett through the good times and the bad,and she will meet all of

us at the stairway to heaven. Though she is gone she will be missed and i love you all,

and will allways be there.

Love yalls

little bro,

By: Emily Collins Oct 24, 2004
dear Taylor, sorry for your loss, i wanted you to know that "shortie" is always here for you

love,Emily Collins
By: Kay Clements Oct 23, 2004
I have only known Paula a little over a year and in that time found her to be a warm friendly, never meet a stranger person. She had a love of people and animals. No stray would ever go without love. She was a great mother who liked being around her children, watching them ride horses or the 4-wheeler or riding with them. I guess you would say she just had a love of life itself. She was the first person in this area that I had found

something in common with and began a friendship. I will miss her greatly just as anyone who had the chance to know her. Jackie, John and I will help you and the kids however we can, just let us know.

By: Judie Lewis Oct 23, 2004
I am so very sorry for your tragic loss. I know what you are all going through and want you to know that my thoughs and prayers are with you all. I remember Paula as a loving and positive person who loved her family and had a great love of animals. I always appreciated the kindness and time she gave to my granddaughter, Krystal. I remember the time she and I shared a beer and sat around a bondfire and just talked. She was truly a giving who gave what money can't by, she gave of herself.
By: mollie madsen Oct 22, 2004
I just want to say to Ta-ta garret and jermey i love yall so much and i am so sorry that i am not there for you right now. I love yall so much and i hope you know that. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Any time you need to talk just call and i will be here for yall. I love yall

Mollie M. Madsen
By: Wayne & Cindy O'Neal Oct 22, 2004
Jackie our thoughts and prayers are with you and all of the family. If you need anything just let us know we are here for all of you.

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