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Mary J. Schindler
May 22, 1921 - November 8, 2004

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By: Dr. Robert Bruce Lewis Nov 30, 2004
I remember the fine folks that Aunt Mary and Uncle Vic were to us many children of Robert and Hazel Lewis. Raymond came to help us build our house when Dad retired from the USArmy in 1961. We saw Raymond and Susie at the annual Lewis Reunion on the occasion of Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary, one of the very last rememberances that Dad had before the Alzheimer’s disease so affected his mind. Dad always held Mary and Vic in the highest esteem, but I never knew quite why -- until reading Aunt Mary's wonderful obit and the many tributes to her on this page. Not many of Dad's people and almost none of Mom's people are particularly religious and I think that Dad saw Mary and Vic as trying to do what was right with their lives. They raised fine children and I'm happy to be a part of their extended family. Bruce (eldest son of Robert Lamar and Hazel Lewis)
By: Cuc Newton Nov 11, 2004
TO THE SCHINDLERS: You have a wonderful, loving and caring mother, grandmother and great grandmother. With our deepest sympathy to your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless your family. With all our love. Cuc and Lawrence Newton

TO MARY SCHINDLER: Dear Mary, thank you for everything you have done for my family. You are always in my heart for the last 29 years and you will always be remembered until the last day of my life. Thank you for such a helpful, loving and caring friend. We planned to see you when Ray and Susie will visit you next time. Unfortunately, that time will never come. We are sad to see you go but we are excited for you because you will be with the Lord. It is better there than here and suffering. I love you. With all my love. Cuc Newton
By: Tari Malek Nov 11, 2004
To the Schindler Family: Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Our deepest condolences to the loss of such a wonderful person, Mary, who has touched so many lives. She is now enjoying the comfort of being in the Lord's presence.

To Mary Schinder: When my family and I arrived in Texas 11 years ago, I was feeling lonely being so far away from my extended family, especially my mother. When we met at Abundant Life Assembly, you adopted me as a spiritual daughter. You showed me and my family such warmth and truly portrayed the love of Jesus. I always refer to you as "My spiritual mother". You will alway be remembered. I will never forget my intercessory partner and your dedication to our weekly prayer meetings. Even when I moved to North Carolina, you continued to call me to ask how I was doing, until alzheimer took away your memory. I missed those calls for years and will continue to miss them, until we meet one day in heaven. Thank you for being such a blessing to me and my family. Enjoy the peace and comfort of the Lord's presence. I love you and will always remember you. Love in Christ, Tari Malek

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