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Marisue Truax Bruce
August 3, 1929 - November 21, 2004

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By: Rebecca Bruce Sep 3, 2009
I have fond memories of you Grandmama, but one I remember most is actually with me every day. It is the towel you made for me, with a teddy bear and my name. Everytime I see it I think of and miss you dearly. I also wear a ring on a necklace that you were to give me many years ago. It goes with me everywhere, just like your love did, and I never take it off. I miss you and love you so very much. Love, your granddaughter Rebecca.
By: Gary W.Bruce Aug 12, 2009
Every time i think of you,i feel like a part of me is missing.As i age,i realize that life is short and when someone dies ,well life goes on but it never feels the same.I love you tremendously and always will.Now dad is gone too and i hope you two are back together.Your oldest son,love you Gary.
By: sandy Aug 12, 2009
I was your first daughter-in-law. I did not impress you much! but you gave me a chance-eventually. Oh mama, i see your face again and i want to weep. I did grow to love you so very much. I will try to honor you in my life as I do my late birth dad tom & my 2nd dad jack. you are in HIS HOUSE now. we will hug again & again. I LOVE YOU MY 2ND MAMA!!!!
By: Gayle Bruce Allen Aug 12, 2009
My Dearest Mother, I miss you more and more as every day goes by. I know Daddy is there now to keep you company, and I will be there someday too. I am finding your beautiful things that you put away in the garage and in the storage house, trying to find room for them in my house, and giving a lot away to friends and family. I know you would want your things to be put to good use. I miss you and love you mama. PPP Gayle
By: Lois Nelson Mar 9, 2009
Sue Bruce was a great lady she was my neighbor, brownie and girl scout leader she will be missed.

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