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Geraldine Hickman
February 7, 1922 - January 13, 2005

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By: Alicia Altman Feb 2, 2005
The first time I met Granny was a few months after Wade and I started dating. We went to visit her in Portland. I loved her instantly. She had a way of making everyone feel comfortable and at home. She insisted that I sleep in her bed and worked day and night to make everyone comfortable. I always thought of her as a hip grandma! Over the years Wade and I made many trips to Portland and Corpus Christi. While we always enjoyed the beach and tourist spots, the best part was getting to see Granny. I loved her little house and all of the family pictures she had everywhere. She had a huge amount of family albums that we would spend hours going through. She and Wade would tell me stories about him growing up and how close he was with her and his Grandpa Wade. I felt like I knew his grandpa even though he died long before I met Wade. Every trip to Portland was not complete without a trip to the Dairy Queen with Granny. Every now and then we would convince Granny to go to Corpus with us and I will always remember how she got dressed up for every occasion. We went to Corpus Christi last summer. It was fun, but it was not the same without Granny there. It made me happy to see that the new owners of her house had fixed it up and were taking good care of it.

By the time Avery was born in 2001, Granny had already moved to Smithville. It breaks my heart that she never got to make the trip to Granny’s house in Portland. That home holds special memories for Wade and for myself as well. No matter what her ailment, Granny was always there. She was there when both Avery and Andrew were baptized and I still love to look at the picture of her holding the kids on their baptism day. The joy in her eyes is so obvious. She loved her great-grandbabies so much and they loved her too. Avery always talked about Granny and still does. When it rains she tells me that “The rain comes from heaven, where Granny is.” When she says her prayers at night she tells me that she prays to Jesus and hopes Granny hears her too.

I never thought of Granny as my grandmother-in-law. I always thought of her as my own grandmother. Unlike Wade, I have never lost anyone very close to me. I have lost my great-grandparents, but I did not know them that well. Losing Granny was like losing my own grandmother. Granny was always there for all of us no matter what and it is hard to think that she is no longer here. I rejoice that she is in heaven with her Savior and that she is at long last reunited with her husband, Wade, and her son, Gerald. Granny was a remarkable woman of faith. Her faith showed in her day to day life. She was an outstanding woman and will long be missed by those who loved her and knew her best.


Alicia Altman
By: Darlene Hickman Jan 28, 2005

My sweet little Momma I miss you so

And oh how my heart did break

On the day we laid your little body to rest

And your soul walked through Heaven’s Gate

I know God was happy to welcome you back home

It was a journey you deserved to make

But as for me left grieving here on earth

My sorrow is almost too much to take

I still feel your loving arms around me

Your soft touch when you’d stroke my hair

As I kneeled at your feet with my head in your lap

You’d remind me of the power of prayer

You said things always seemed to be darker

In the hours just before the dawn

But if I kept my faith in Jesus

He’d always be there to help me along

I still remember all the things you taught me

And even though I’m no longer a child

I’ll never be too old to need my Mother

And I’ll miss you for a long, long while

You told me once I’d never be alone

If I’d just call out in God’s name

So I realize now how selfish I was

To want you to remain

You were so tired and you missed Bubba & Daddy

Who made that same trip years ago

Now you are all together in Heaven

And the stars have a much brighter glow

I’ll always be grateful for all of the love

That you so graciously gave to me

And I smile through my tears as I stop to think

Of what a beautiful Angel you must be

Please tell God I said thank you

For letting me have you for so long

And for knowing that someday I’ll see you again

When it’s my turn to be called home

There’s a morning dove cooing outside my window

And I believe it’s a sign from above

I believe you’re telling me you are happy

And I believe you’re still sending me your love

Written For My Mother:

Geraldine Hickman


By: Darlene Hickman
By: Adam Altman Jan 28, 2005
You were the best Granny in the world. I love you!
By: Alan Altman Jan 28, 2005
Thank you Granny for loving us so much and all the nice things you did for us. I will miss you.
By: Alan Altman Jan 28, 2005
Thank you Granny for loving us so much and all the nice things you did for us. I will miss you.

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