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Frances Evelyn Reitz
March 10, 1913 - January 2, 2005

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By: Suzanne Maxson Shircliff Jan 22, 2005
I believe to know Aunt Fran was to love her. Thinking back on my memories of my Great Aunt, the things that come to mind are her joyful spirit, positive attitude, and gumption. I remember her as a woman who dearly loved her family and was incredibly proud of all they accomplished..be it something big or small. I remember big hugs and bigger kisses. I remember thinking how much fun it was to just be around her...she was colorful and funny and full of life. I remember staying in her home and being treated like royalty...at least it felt like that as a child. Now, as a grown woman, I think about Aunt Fran and believe that she she understood that which is truly important...the love of family, living life with gusto, and leaving a positive mark on the world. I am thankful for the legacy she has left...and thankful that she was my aunt.
By: Sue & Jerry Maxson Jan 17, 2005
I always looked forward to seeing my Aunt Fran.

She had such a wonderful positive attitude toward life. Even when she was quite sick, she would say "I will be coming to Ohio this year!" Until she was not able, she did always come back, first to see her family, then her friends. She made it important to be here for all the special family occasions that we had.

She loved her children and grandchildren and was so happy to have great grandbabies.

It was my pleasure and good fortune to get to spend some time living with her when I was in Jr. High School. I am not sure how she talked my parents into letting me go, but she did. She treated me and loved me and made sure that I had a great time when I was 13 and visiting & going to school in Houston.

She was a talented and gifted singer and provided lots of good music for her church in Bellaire. I have been blessed with daughters who also are wonderful singers. We always said that talent came from 'Aunt Fran'.

My mother 'Mid' is 95 and residing in an assisted living facility. Her memories today are what a good bridge player and singer my aunt was.

My family is grateful that we had so many good years to be a part of the life of this grand lady, my Aunt Fran. - Sue Maxson ( New Bremen, Ohio)
By: Beth monnin Jan 17, 2005
AUNT FRAN is among my favorite relatives! I was so fortunate to spend time with her growing up as a result of being in Houston with my Grandma Mid, Fran's sister. Aunt Fran was always so much fun and so POSITIVE with everyone she spent time with. She always made me feel very important and never treated me like a "child". (which is very important when you ARE a child!!) Recently my husband and I were going through old videotapes and found footage of Aunt Fran and Uncle Pete at our wedding. I recall that there was a bridal luncheon for me a few days prior to the wedding and Aunt Fran ended up being the most popular person in attendance! Definitely the life of the party!!

When I was young-maybe 10-11 or so, Aunt Fran and Uncle Pete came for a visit shortly after my grandparents had visited. One of my good friends questioned me later about whether ALL WOMEN from Texas wore white glasses?!! I guess both Grandma Mid and Aunt Fran wore white glasses which must have been unheard of in Ohio in the 1970's!!!

I also remember that one of the last visits I had with Aunt Fran was when she and Uncle Pete traveled to South Carolina for my cousin Karen's wedding. Their car broke down outside of Columbia. But the ironic thing was that so did both of my Uncle John's vehicles as well. We just couldn't believe that so many cars were dysfunctional in one family!!!

I am so fortunate to have had Aunt Fran in my life. Her spirit is one that will live inside me for the rest of my life.

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