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Suzanne Adair Selensky
June 28, 1955 - February 18, 2005

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By: Mike Pawalowski & Brittney Barbre Mar 5, 2005
Mrs. Selinsky is greatly miss by all of us. Although, God took her into his arms he left something special behind...Through Daniel we get a little piece of someone who is now in Heaven- his mom.
By: Martin Selensky Mar 2, 2005
I want to thank everyone who signed and added tributes to Suzanne's guestbook.

Before Suzanne and I met, I was seeking God for someone I could spend the rest of my life with. I wanted
someone I could like. When I met Suzanne, I could see something different about her, and I liked what I
saw. We dated some seven months then God told me ""She's in front of you."" And after we were married I asked God what did I do to deserve her. And he said to me ""There is nothing you could do to deserve her. She is my gift to you. I only ask that you receive and cherish my gift."" The only thing this X-Sailor could say was, aye aye Sir. I never knew God's Love could be so rewarding.
By: John Veach Mar 2, 2005
It has been obvious to see that Suzanne was a very special person. Though I only met her once, I benefit from her almost every day while working with Martin because of her influence on him. It was an honor to be at the memorial service, not only because of the love expressed for Suzanne but because of the Love expressed to our living God and our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe God was honored and am thankful for our hope in Him. I pray for all Suzanne’s family the influence of Jesus in your lives, to continue her godly legacy. God Bless You All.
By: Angela Yates Feb 24, 2005
I met Suzanne while completing my pre-internship training through Region IV. She had such a gentle and pleasant spirit. She was so friendly and very intelligent. I was so saddened to hear of her passing. I will pray for your family and ask God to wrap his loving arms around you. I will pray for your comfort at this time. I can only imagine how painful Suzanne's sudden passing may be for you. Only God and the support from your family can help you all through this time. May God bless all of you.
By: Carla Upchurch Feb 22, 2005
Suzanne had such a beautiful spirit and loving soul. She may be physically gone but the memories of her will never fade. She will be honored and remembered for as long as I live. Every time our "red hat society" meets, we will toast her and say a prayer.

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