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Robert Henry Krueger
September 8, 1922 - March 8, 2005

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By: Val (Goodall) Geller Mar 14, 2005
My memories of Coach Krueger were from when I was a student at Janesville High School and following graduation when I worked at Marshall Junior High School as Secretary to Assistant Principal, Grant Thayer. Coach Krueger taught some classes at Marshall and then would head "up the hill", as he would say, to hold classes at Janesville High School. We always had a subscription to the Wisconsin State Journal at home and every morning "Coach" would be waiting in our office for me to bring him the "orange section" (remember that beloved section?!)for him to read! I had seen and conversed with Coach Krueger in the years since at the different Janesville Sports Hall of Fame Banquets. I can only imagine how proud he was to have been a part of many of these inductees lives, and it was always touching to hear the inductees relate their admiration for him and share their stories of the part he played in their lives! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, COACH!!

Peace and Blessings to his family.
By: Gordon Sisson Mar 14, 2005
Bob is the reason I was ever able to become a varsity coach. Somehow, he found me one day at Marshfield Junior High School. He was looking for people to work Dick Bennett's basketball camps. I don't know how he ever knew about me, but he did. I ended up working most sessions for the next several years. Bob's support and promotion helped me develop the confidence I was lacking when considering my future as a head coach. Bob always encouraged me. We became friends. He also fostered other friendships that have become very meaningful...golfing with Don Colbert and Bob down at DeForest comes to mind. Meeting Phil Jerg and countless others through Bob. The nurturing that Bob exhibited lasts as a testimony on how to treat people and how to invest in the potential of others. I will forever be greatful for his guidance and encouragement. God Bless you Bob! I know the family sacrifices that had to occur so Bob could be all he was to others. Thanks to all of you and my condolences.
By: Judge Jerry Adams (formerly Sexton) Mar 14, 2005

I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy and prayers to you on the passing of Robert.


My condolences to you. I recall many carefree, happy times on the swingset in your backyard on Blaine Ave. in Janesville when we were kids. I hope all is well with you & your family.


Sorry for your loss. Greetings from your former next-door neighbor in Janesville who provided all those soap box derby rides up and down Blaine Ave. & adjoining streets for you and your younger brothers. Best wishes to you & your family in Conroe (?), TX.
By: Matt Smith Mar 13, 2005
(Finishing prior tribute) Only the time it took to retreive the bouncing ball kept this innovative manuever from working. Even Coach had a good laugh at that as we all did, even though he did not condone fooling around on the basketball court. Everything had a purpose in preparing us for the game.

Coach Krueger taught everyone about basketball and life. I was fortunate to have been one of his students-perhaps even a special project. Several years ago, hearing of his fading memory, I wrote him a short note to thank him for his efforts and try to tell him how his lessons had helped me in life. I was hoping that in some small way I could express my thanks and thoughts to him during his life and not wait until a day like today.

May God's peace and blessings continue to be with all of the Krueger family today and always.

Matt Smith
By: Matt Smith Mar 13, 2005
I was saddened on Saturday to learn of Bob's passing by email from my brother Leigh.

My condolences to all the members of his family, three of whom I played sports with and went to school with,being Dick, Dan and Doug.

It is hard for me to believe that 30 years have passed since I graduated from UW-SP and left Stevens Point and 34 years since graduating from P J Jacobs High School. As a result, my memories are of a past period. I have many many good memories of Coach Krueger and the Krueger family from that era even though I played basketball for him during a period that was obviously frustrating for him. We did not enjoy the success on the court that his previous teams had enjoyed.

I remember the enthusiasm that he exhibited in practice in teaching the "big" men how to box out and maintain rebounding position. He would demonstrate himself how to do it. And... he was good at it. I found myself as the person being blocked out many times by Coach in these teaching opportunities. His persistance is remembered by my knees. It seemed to me that if I had shown the same technique and enthusiasm that I would have fouled out of games sooner and more often than I did, in fact, foul out. I remember his enthusiasm for coaching. He was serious. He also had a sense of humor.

I remember playing a pick up game of 2 on 2 at the "U" with Dick and Dan. I don't recall if Coach himself or Doug was the 4th on that occasion. As I recall it was Dan and I taking on Dick and the 4th. Dick and Dan were particularly competitive on this day. Dick was all over Dan's every move--every move, trying to frustrate his game. Dan had the ball and was working with his back to Dick about the free throw line. Dan left the ball bouncing behind him, spun quickly and pretended to take a quick shot with out the ball. Immediately, Dick leaped to block the shot, only to have Dan try to pick up the bouncing ball and move around Dick while he was still in the air. Only the time it took to retrieve the bouncing ball kept this innovative maneuver from working. Even Coach had a good laugh at that as we all did even though he did not condone fooling around on the court. Everything had a purpose, to prepare you for the game.
By: Erin Paige Mar 13, 2005
Although I had left Pine-Manor six months ago. I still kept up on how Bob was doing. Bob was a sweetheart and one of my favorite residents to take care of. I enjoyed visiting with Pat as well and had the opprotunity for a short visit last week when Bob returned from the hospital. I know he will be missed by many many people. I enjoyed his sense of humor even when he called me "JIM".
By: Kyle Krueger Mar 13, 2005
It was very upsetting to hear that Grandpa had passed away, but at the same time a relief to know that he was going to a much better place. He was such a great person who cared about his family and friends very much. I did not get to see him as much as everybody else but every time he would come to visit it would always be a great time. He would always come during basketball season since sports has always been a big part of this family. He would stay to see as many games as he could and always would have good advice to give to make me a better player. Not only would he just give advice he would go outside and work on those things with me so I would get better. I guess coaching is something that a great coach always does even if he is not on the sidelines. Grandpa wanted us to be our best not just on the basketball court but in everything we did. I know this because he raised my dad and it is one of the many values he has passed on to me. The thing I look forward to is getting to see him again and develop a relationship that so many others have been fortunate enough to have had on Earth.
By: Jill Donohue Mar 13, 2005
I would like to offer my deepest sympathy. I was deeply saddened to hear that Mr. Krueger had passed away. I have many fond memories of him as my UWSP advisor, teacher, and friend. Whenever I needed someone to talk to or a little pick me up, he was always there. He took a personal interst in every P.E. major. He always greeted us by name and with a smile. He was always willing to make time to meet with you. After graduating from UWSP,he attended my wedding, and every time I came through Point I would stop and we would sit on the back patio and catch up on our family and common UWSP friends. I always looked forward to those visits.This is my son's first year at college and I strongly encouraged him to get a good advisor. I shared with him how fortunate I was to have Mr. Krueger as an advisor. The fond memories I have of him and our friendship is irreplaceable.
By: Kevin Krueger Mar 13, 2005
I didn't get to know Grandpa as well as I would have liked to and it is very sad that it is too late now, but it is comforting knowing that he is in a much better place. My very first memories as a kid was Grandpa teaching me the basics of basketball. The first lesson he ever taught me was to make a "W" with my thumbs when passing the ball and point my thumbs down when I finish the pass while keeping my elbows close to my sides. It is amazing to think about how long ago that was and I still can vividly remember everything he taught me. Grandpa was a great coach, teacher, and man and I can only hope to recieve some of his great qualities that he has left with me or passed through my Dad. I loved him very much and he will be greatly missed. My prayers are with Grandpa and the rest of my family.
By: Jack and Richard Hackett Mar 12, 2005
Coach Krueger was our football coach while he was coaching at La Crosse Central from 1951 to 1953.

He was a tremendous person and an outstanding coach. We feel fortunate to have played under Coach

Krueger and want his family to know our deep sorrow in learning of his passing.

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