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Josh Moon Flynt

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Peter & Tabatha PhillipsShaina Rae Flynt
Christine TondreJosh Macon Flynt "Little Josh"
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By: Tony & Lisa Ramirez Apr 8, 2005
Josh was a very spiritual man. He was always smiling and by that smile you can tell he was a blessed man. My husband and I have only been members of FBC Groceville since last November and love all of the people there. I remember Josh always coming up to me and saying hello and telling me to have a blessed day. When he would say a prayer at church, it always touched me how easy it would come to him.

God has truely blessed him and I will truely miss him. Know that God has angels here on earth as well up there with Him. God needed Josh more than we needed him right now. I am comforted that Josh is in a better place and reunited with Mildred. I recently lost a dear boy to my family's heart a few weeks ago and Josh prayed with me. He always knows how to comfort you. I pray that the Lord watches over your family in these trying times, and that He gives you the comfort and strength to get through these next weeks. Josh was a strong part of our Church and I will miss him greatly. Please know that all of his family and friends who had the honor of knowing him are in my prayers. God Bless.
By: Ken Burling Apr 7, 2005
Brother Josh made sure that when my girls were young, that he came and picked them up in the blue bus, to make sure that they went to Sunday School. He spoke at my oldest daughters wedding with words of wisdom and of faith. We will always love him and greatly thank him for keeping our family in his heart at all times.
By: Shirley Curry Apr 6, 2005
My family and I attended church with Josh n Mildred @ First Baptist Groceville several years back. Josh was persistent in visiting my husband and showing Christ's love for us. He became a good friend and hero in the faith. He truly was a man of God. He will be missed. Our prayers go out to his family for the recent loss of their Mom and now their Dad.
By: Brenda Oliver Apr 6, 2005
I met Josh last year before my husband passed away. He came to our home with a friend of my husbands and a member of First Baptist Church of Groceville. My husband needed a spiritual person to talk to. The pastor was unavailable at the time so Brother Josh came. During my husbands illness Brother Josh came many times. He was a blessing sent from God. After my husband passed away Brother Josh donated some Gideon Bibles in his name. This really touched my heart. He was there anytime we needed him. Brother Josh truly was a man of God and an inspiration to others. He will be truly missed, but I know he is in a much better place now with the Lord. May God be with his family as they go through these tough times without him and his lovely wife. God loves you Josh and so do we.

Brenda Oliver

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