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Robert Dwayne Potter
June 30, 1954 - April 13, 2005

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By: Jennifer Lockler Apr 18, 2005
Ashley... I havent talked to you or seen you since we graduated high school. Finding this out was such a shock and defintly unexpected when Mom gave it to me. I never met your dad, but used to see him all the time. Im sure he was a great guy. If you need anything, ill do as much as i can to help. He will be in my family's prayers. Email me if you need me.
By: Vickie Blankenship Temple Apr 16, 2005
Robert was and will always be a very special part of my youth. Robert help make so many fond memories filled with laughter which I reflex back on often . I only knew the handsome, gentle spirited, strong, caring,and always smiling and making others smile....young cowboy who every young girl should be blessed to have ride into her life on a horse and for ever after, have the pleasure of remembering the silliness of two young hearts. Years past, and roads took us in seperate directions.....but several months ago....My daughter met Robert by chance .....he was having some glasses made where my daughter worked ....while talking he discovered she was in fact my daughter......he had some very sweet and kind words to say to her about me.....I knew then that time had not changed him and he was indeed the Man....that was just as sweet, caring and gentle as that young boy I knew so long ago.....All of us who knew and grew up with Robert.....know that there will never be anyone like him....and his smile and laughter and foolishness will always be mirrored in our memories of our own youth....Thank You Robert! for being a part of my life....My prayers and thoughts are with your family.......Vickie Blankenship Temple
By: Jarrod & Kelly Za McElroy Apr 15, 2005
We want to say how very sorry we are for your loss. Mr. Potter was a very sweet man, always talking to everyone. We always liked running into him at the sale barn in Magnolia, we would stand around and talk horses a little bit. Just know that he will be missed by my family and many others.

Kelly Mcelroy
By: Ronda/Sheila Vann/Buller Apr 15, 2005
Where to begin with Mr. Robert Potter..... We loved being around him. He was SO full of life, laughter and happiness! He lived life to the fullest! We will truly miss his wittyness, opinions and him always being right. hehehe We loved his old school ways...his kindness, friendship, and he was always a gentlemen.

He always shared his pictures of his kids and grandkids. He was excited about the new one on the way... We know he will be there in spirit when that baby does come. We would like the family to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers.

PS. Robert we will always remember Dr. R.P.!!!! We love ya!


Ronda & Sheila

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