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Marguerite Byrnes
November 5, 1912 - June 17, 2005

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By: Daintee Hurst - Dietz Jun 30, 2005
It is with great sadness we loose such a wonderful leader. She has always been so special to me and my Hurst family. As with so many students, she was also my Calculus lifesaver. She is probably instructing some sort of Math clinic or seminar RIGHT NOW in heaven.
By: Charles Ellisor Jun 22, 2005
How does anyone begin to adequately express deeply held admiration and respect for a truly wonderful, caring, nurturing person, who fortunately happened to be your teacher? Mrs. Byrnes was my calculus teacher at Conroe High. I was the most immature math student but was granted an opportunity to be taught by one of the finest math teachers. Mrs. Byrnes managed to crack open the hardest of heads with her gentle ways, and poured in new concepts and ideas, and unlocked the darkness to let in light that is so necessary for growth. Of all that I learned from Mrs. Byrnes, the single lesson that I carry with me each day is the importance of the struggle against a difficult task . While completing the task was good, the struggle strengthened the person. I celebrate the life of Marguerite Byrnes and her love of math and her love of teaching. She touched so many of us.
By: Laura Lyon Jun 21, 2005
Mrs. Byrnes was my calculus teacher at Conroe High School. She was one of two teachers that I had that really made a positive impact on my life. I always thought that I was good at math but Mrs. Byrnes made me feel like I was really good at math. She never really said that much to me but she did really nice things. When I could not take Calculus II because it was during the same time as volleyball, she did not mind and let me come during a Calculus I class and do the Calculus II work. I am pretty sure that she is the one who nominated me for National Honor Society and I know she gave my name out to people that wanted a math tutor. She did not have to do any of those things but they were greatly appreciated. She was really a great math teacher and I loved her classes. I am so glad that I had her for a teacher!
By: Jane Simmons Jun 19, 2005
It will be difficult to play bridge in Conroe without Marguerite there. What a faithful member she was to that group and to many others in Conroe.My prayers and love are with her family especially her daughter Nina. Love Jane Simmons

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