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Duncan Larry McKellar, MD
June 7, 1930 - June 20, 2005

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Betty & Randy WelbornDr. McKellar was the most sincere and caring docto
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By: Dianne Basta Aug 19, 2012
I knew Dr. McKellar and Dick Rogers and Jerry Tidwell in Dallas a long time ago. He was indeed a generous, kind, thoughtful, caring man. I am so sorry to hear he passed away and I feel so sad. I just read this obituary today, seven years later, and mourn his loving goodness very deeply.
By: Gary LaBlue Jun 24, 2005
God has been blessed this day because one of his Angels has returned home. Larry was one of the most caring individuals I've ever met. I've truly missed Larry since he discontinued his practice. Larry pulled me through some very serious medical problems I had after returning from Russia in 1995. Larry was not only my personal physician, but was a true friend. I pray that God will bless his remaining family with love and grace through this event. But, I know that one day I'll sit upon a cloud and visit with Larry again in Heaven.

May God Bless & Comfort You All,

Gary D. LaBlue
By: Betty Welborn Jun 22, 2005
We loved Dr. McKellar. He was the family doctor for my parents, my husband & myself. In our books he is the WORLD'S GREATEST DOCTOR. He always took care of his patients with concern, patience, and caring. He was always honest, because there were times he would say a certain treatment needed to happen, "but I'm not sure I could do it if I were in your shoes." That helped us to understand this was a special person & we could tell him anything. When we loss my Dad, Dr McKellar was there holding our hands as if Dad had been part of his family too. We shall forever be greatfull to have had the opportunity to know Dr. McKellar and will never forget our "WORLD'S GREATEST DOCTOR.
By: Dr. Michael Davis Jun 22, 2005
Working and interacting daily with Dr. Larry McKellar for 5 years was a pleasure. He had the ability to make most people feel that they were his "best friend". I never spoke with anyone about him without hearing the words "kind" and "nice". He touched lives with more than just medicine.
By: Patti Dugan Jun 21, 2005
Dr. McKellar was the sweetest man and the greatest Dr that I have ever had. He was such a great influence on me when I was in his office. At the time, Dr. Mellar, Beth and I made up his office and we had a great working relationship. His gentle nature and kindness made his relationship to his patients, one of a kind. Sadler Clinic, was my first job after graduating from Medical Assisting School. I will never forget him. Dr. McKellar told me not too long ago that I was wasting myself if I wasn't using my Medical Assisting, because he knew how much I loved it. I am just sorry that he won't be able to retire in Kentucky amongst the bluegrass and horses as he always wanted. I love you Doc.
By: Talma Thorpe Jun 21, 2005
Dr. McKellar was such a special person. He brought so much to every life he touched. He was not only professional but very compassionate. He could make you laugh so easily and was always friendly and there to lend a helping hand. He will truly be missed by everyone who knew him. My prayers are with you and your family, I pray that God will bring you comfort in knowing he is in the hands of the Lord and not suffering.



Collections Coordinator

Sadler Clinic
By: Gena Pippin Jun 21, 2005
Dr MrKellar was my doctor for quite a while. His care was what people look for and often do not find. His manner was always concerned and compassionate. He always listend to his patients and took their opinions and thoughts to heart. I have missed him so much since his retirement and now will miss him even more. To his family, God truly blessed you with Dr MrKellar. I know you will be comforted by his colleagues and patients alike, he was so well thought of.
By: Rhonda Wortham Jun 21, 2005
I have known Dr McKellar for many years, i knew hin before he came to Sadler Clinic.

He is a likable person and always had to listen to his patients.He took very good care

of them.Almost all of my family went to him before he retired. He will be greatly missed.

He is in the Lords hands now.My prayers goes out to the family on your loss.May God be with

you at this time of need.
By: Roberta Elmore Jun 21, 2005
Having worked with Dr. McKellar at Sadler Clinic as well as having been his patient, I would have to say he was the most caring, compassionate, sensitive doctor I have ever had. He always had a kind word to say to me and always had time to listen. He treated his patients as if they were his only patient, never in a hurry. He was also a man of integrity, had a great sense of humor and a ready smile! I have missed him so much since his retirement and will miss him even more now. I pray that God will comfort his family during this time and that we can all remember him as the fine physician and person that he was during his time on this earth. God Bless you All.
By: Pat Stone Jun 21, 2005
I both worked for Dr. McKellar and had the privilege to be his patient. He was a blessing to all that knew him. Dr. McKellar always had a kind smile, a pat on the back and his time to offer you, no matter how large or small the problem and no matter how busy his day was. I have missed him dearly since he retired. He was truly the "Marcus Welby MD" of our time and left a legacy of people who truly admired him and will miss him. My prayers to all the family. What a treasure you had, how happy God must be to have him home.
By: Sandra Stuckey Jun 21, 2005
I was greatly saddened to hear of Dr McKellar's death. He was the kind of Doctor most people only dream of having, we were so lucky to call him our Doctor. Dr McKellar always had time to explain problems and courses of treatment, I never left his office feeling as though I had been rushed. He was the sweetest man and really cared about his patients, I think he remembered everyone he ever treated. My heart goes out to his family in their bereavement, Dr McKellar was a great man and will be sadly missed. God Bless.

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