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Trisha Holladay
June 9, 1993 - June 18, 2005

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Karen MeyerNorman, Judy & Christopher Lowe
Ben and Sharon CooperGabrielle Fioritto
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Tributes Add Your Tribute
By: Olivia` Palmisano Jun 27, 2005
Trisha was the nicest person i ahve ever met. She was always smiling and friendly to everyone, whether they were nice to others or not. I'm sorry i didnt know her better. She will be missed by everyone. Trisha is in my prayers and heaven too.
By: Mrs. White Jun 27, 2005
I am deeply saddened by this tragedy. Trisha was such a beautiful young lady. I was Trisha's 6th grade teacher. Each day she would greet me with a hello and a smile. Although quiet at times, Trisha had such a contagious laugh. She was a talented artist and writer. Mrs. Simpson (her other teacher) had recommended her for 7th grade Power of the Pen. She was a avid reader who was looking forward to the next Harry Potter book. She played in the 6th grade band. I tripped over her flute a couple times throughout the year :)

Trisha will be missed. Her memory will live on in our hearts.
By: Emily Roberts Jun 26, 2005

Even though I only met Trisha a couple times, I could always tell she was such a sweet girl. When we visited a couple years ago, she greeted me with hugs, a necklace and picture she had made me. Even though she didn't know me, she was so nice. I'm so sorry for your loss, and you will be in my prayers,

By: Shirley Miller-Smith Jun 25, 2005
Dear Brian and Family:

I am so, so very sorry to hear about your loss. I can't even begin to understand what you all must be going through. Please know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers. --Shirley
By: Bill Roberts Jun 25, 2005

This is from your uncle Bill and my wife, Kim, and daughter, Emily, in Omaha. Your loss is breaking our hearts. We only met Trisha a few times, but we knew she was happy and loving and caring. When we heard the news, we dug out all the photos of her we could find, and they all showed her with a smiling face. It is so sad. You and your family are in our prayers.


Bill, Kim and Emily
By: jeff jevnikar Jun 24, 2005
1440 347 0845, sorry i liked her alot, so sorry.
By: JEFF J Jun 24, 2005
By: Walt & Terry Nelson Jun 23, 2005
Dear Brian, Kara and family,

We are so very sorry to hear of your painful loss of your beautiful daughter. She always had a smile on her face at First Church, and was such a good sister to Kein and David. Although her life was cut short, she accomplished much, and touched the lives of all those she met. We are praying for you all, and know that God is watching over Trisha, and holding her in the plams of His loving hands. God bless you all... The Nelsons
By: jeff Jevnikar Jun 23, 2005
Im sorry about trisha. she was a very nice friend.she was smileing all of the time.she died on the same day my grandma did.she was so nice. sorry , from jeff jevnikar of willoughby hills and middle school 6th grade im so so so so so so so so sorry,she was really a great friend
By: Karen Meyer Jun 23, 2005
Trisha was great friend to have. She was always so nice. I will always remember the fund we had together at the roller skating rink. She also invited me to join Girl Scouts. I will remember her when I play the flute at Willoughby Middle School and will miss her smiling face on the bus and her big hugs too!
By: dorothy dennis Jun 23, 2005
dear bryan, kara and family

sending my love and prayers
By: Chris Carlson Jun 22, 2005
Brian and Kara, We are saddened by what has happened and our prayers and thoughts are with you. You guys were great neighbors and friends and you are in our hearts. If there is anything we can do or if you would just like to talk we are here.

Chris, Wendy, George, and Jordan Carlson


By: Tammy Williams-Lyons Jun 22, 2005
Dear Kara,

We are so sorry to have learned of the loss of your daughter Trisha, she must have been such an incredible

young lady from the things written here about her here. Many Of your friends from high school are lifting you and your family in prayer and we wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Tammy Williams-Lyons

Daintee Hurst-Dietz

CHS Class of 1991
By: Dave and Whitney Komjati Jun 22, 2005
Brian and Kara,

We were just so sorry to see the news of your loss in the News Herald yesterday. We remember how much you both cherish your children...we can't imagine what you are going through right now. We will pray that God keeps you and your family wrapped in His arms.

Your friends,

Dave and Whitney
By: Gabrielle Fioritto Jun 22, 2005
Trisha was an awsome person.Smart,happy and friendly. She was my best friend in school.She even decorated my locker for my birthday. She said we`d be best friends forever.I will miss her dearly and she will always be in my prayers. I'm very sorry for your loss and my prayers will also be with the family. Trisha was and will always be a gift from God.
By: Ben and Sharon Cooper Jun 22, 2005

Words cannot begin to say to you how sorry we are for your loss. We remember you as a sweet and loving boy. I can still see you out there in the outfield when Ben was coaching. God be with you and comfort you today and for the days to come. Ben, Sharon, and Todd Cooper
By: Norman, Judy & Christ Lowe Jun 22, 2005
Dear Brian, Kara & Family, Trishia was a beautiful, bright young girl who we enjoyed seeing at church. We know you both truly love your children and hope you can remember how she lived. We hope you are comforted by the happy memories that you have of her and all the joy she brought your family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Please remember that Jesus holds a special place in his heart for children.

Always, The Lowe Family
By: Rachel Korn Jun 22, 2005
I was really sad when I read the article in the newspaper. I couldn't belive this happend to Trisha. She was just so nice and funny. I met her at my friends' sleepover/birthday party. We got along so great. Ever since the party we always said "hi" to each other and then she would hug me. Trisha was so pretty and was always smiling. She also had a very pretty smile. I will really miss her. She will always be in my heart.
By: Nicole Korn Jun 22, 2005
Trisha was a great friend of mine. We went to Girl Scouts together. I will really miss her, she gave really big hugs.
By: Debera Douglas Jun 21, 2005
Dear Kara and Brian I was so sorry to learn of the passing of Trisha, she was such a lovely young lady and I shall always remember her lighting the candles at First Church Congregational in Painesville. I know that this is a very difficult time for you all but just remember that God will certainly give you strength to make it through. We will certainly keep you in our prayers and Kara when you return back to Ohio please call me my home number is (440) 354-9363 and my cell is (440) 346-0238.
By: Josie Sidoti Jun 21, 2005
I'm so sorry to hear about Trisha. She was a good friend I will always remember her. She will be in my prayers and so will the family. Wish I could be there for Trisha.


Josie Sidoti
By: Sarah Holladay Massey Jun 21, 2005
We are so terribly sorry for your great loss. We will keep you in our prayers and hearts in the days to come.
By: Molly Linabarger Jun 21, 2005
I never really knew Tricia, but I did know that she was a nice girl. She was always laughing and made me smile many times. If I could erase time, I would become friends with her, but I geuss it's too late. Tricia was a really nice girl and I'm really going to miss her.

Molly Linabarger
By: Cassie Tyler Jun 21, 2005
I'am very sorry to hear about Trisha. She was a very good friend of mine. She alway's put a smile on everybody's face when she smiled. I don't think anybody will forget about Trisha. She was always happy and she made everybody happy at band and french.I wish you all the best.

a friend of Trisha

Cassie Tyler
By: Dria Kerman Jun 21, 2005
Im very very sorry for your great loss of a loved one. Trisha was a very nice freind and she always helped people out. Although I wasn't a close friend of Trishia I really wish that i had spent the time to become good freinds with her. Some other people say that she was GREAT...but even though I didn't know everything she did to become a GREAT person, I'm always going to think that. This is becasue whenever i saw her at school, she was always saying that she was excited to see people. Agian I'm truly sorry for you loss of Trisha but I hope that you relize that she was a GREAT person.


-Dria Kerman
By: Erica Herbert Jun 21, 2005
Trisha was the most sweet, caring girl I have ever known. She cared about everyone and everything around her.She was a very talented writer and I am glad I got to know her in the short time she had at Wiloughby middle. Next year will not be the same without her. She was a good friend of mine and had visited my house for parties 2 times. She recently visited my house and I am glad I got to see her again. She was one of those people who could make anyone smile no matter who they were. Whenever I saw her she was laughing. She seemed like a very happy person. I miss her very much and it must be terrible for her family. She had many friends and was very smart. Everyone loved her. I will miss her. -Erica Herbert
By: Maribeth Korst Jun 21, 2005
Trisha was the best friend I ever had, and we had a club called Book Buddies where we traded books. We both loved to read the Harry Potter books and she was really looking forward to the next Harry Potter book coming out. Now I guess she won't get to read it. We exchanged birthday presents and I got her a Harry Potter books and she made me two rings. Also,she tried to teach me how to skate at a skating party. She was the only person I would sit on the bus with. I am really, really going to miss her and it will never be the same again.
By: Michael Korst Jun 21, 2005
I remember when my sister [Maribeth Korst] introduced me to her new friend Trisha at the skating rink. She taught me and my sister how to skate.She was my sister's best friend and was very nice to me. I guess I will never get to know Trisha as well as my sister since she died so soon.
By: Cassie Cappelli Jun 21, 2005
Wow. I didn't know Trisha as much as I wanted to but she was always really nice to me. She would always say "hi" and of course I would say it right back. She was in my lunch study hall and she always had a huge stack a books. It seemed like everything in her locker she would carry around. I never figured out why she did that. Even though I didn't know her that well when I heard the news I still cried. She is one of these people that even if you didn't know her that well without her it is going to be so different. She was so nice and everyone loved her. I never heard one bad thing about her. I would have never imagined this would have happened but unfortunatly somethings do. I will miss her. RIP

Cassie Cappelli

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