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Jimmie ''Arlington'' Debenham
December 31, 1953 - June 18, 2005

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By: John Guinan Sep 25, 2005

You once told me I drank like a horse. I had stumbled to the fridge to ingest agua while you slumbered on our couch on Oleander Street, after a session at Pirates Cove. I grabbed a gallon and glugged it. Could have been a driving or dehydration problem. Maybe I wanted to see your mug in the cold light of day. Who knows now? You and Butch. Dallas boys buying into the BIG D mystique. I respected you on Jack's word but you didn't need his word with me. You were a clean brother who always told me true

Arlington. Watch your okole keep that brain rolling.


By: Shane & Jan Jones Jun 23, 2005
You always made us laugh.
By: Jack & Dona ficklen Jun 23, 2005
Keep smiling down on us. Thanks for the wonderful memories. We'll miss you.
By: Debbie & John Redington Jun 22, 2005
The real deal. The utimate original character. Goodbye old friend.
By: James Debingham Jun 22, 2005
Not gone only missed my best friend.
By: Earl and Nan Newbrough Jun 22, 2005
Not gone only missed, my best friend.

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