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Robert McDonald
December 15, 1939 - June 25, 2005

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By: Sally Brannen McDonald Jun 29, 2005
Robert "Gene" McDonald was an exceptional Grandfather to my three children, Hal 22, Hannah 13, and Benjamin 8. Ben was his "little man" and idolized his PawPaw. It was so heartwarming to see him snuggling Hannah when she was a baby, atop his chest, her clutching her favorite toy, a long-eared rabbit with lace, a gift from her Grandma and PawPaw Arkansas Brannen. She would suck her thumb, fingers raised, comforted by Gene's heartbeat.

In Benjamin's eyes, his PawPaw could do no wrong. He emulated every move PawPaw made, including wearing a chain for his "keys" and a carrying a pocket knife (though not to school!). Benjamin would "work" in the log woods with his Dad, PawPaw and Uncle Kenneth, and he would expect a paycheck at the end of the week at well. Seems he and the machete he waived earned wages as well! Thank you, Gene, PawPaw, for being a wonderful influence in my children's life. They will treasure your memory forever. Love, Sally

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