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Annie Lee Risch
July 12, 1940 - July 28, 2005

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By: Linda Mar 9, 2010
Well, Sis, here it is 2010. I don't know what else to do to "talk" to you. I'm reaching back in my memory bank to try to figure out what you might say to me. You are the only one in my entire life, other than our mother, that I could open my heart to and talk about anything and everything. I'll never have that with anyone else. I sure wish I could talk to you today. The word "sister" in the dictionary should have your picture next to it. You were that and so much more to me. You were more like mother than any of the rest of us. Your heart was so sincere and your love was boundless and so unconditional.I miss you, my friend.
By: Linda Nov 25, 2009
Annie, I know this may be silly, but I just feel the need to tell you today how much I miss you and love you. This is all I know to do, so I'm hoping that God will allow you to see all the beautiful words here that don't even come close to describing you. What I wouldn't give for one more hug and one more laugh and one more "I love you". I know you're in a better place, and I would never want to take that away from you, but I can't even describe how much I miss you sometimes. We were closer than most sisters ever will be, and sometimes I just wish I could cry on your shoulder again. You always had a way of making everything ok again. How many times have I called you, and without hesitation, you said "I'm coming to get you."? How many times did you tell me that I always had a place with you? You knew all my secrets and my inner-most feelings, and I knew yours. I hope somehow you know that I've never betrayed yours, and that I never will. You were always so special to me, and I just want to thank you for being there for me all of my life. I've never forgotten all the little things, even from when I was just a little girl. I thank God that I had you in my life. You made me a better person. Please give mother and daddy and all the rest hugs and kisses for me. I love you all and miss you all so so so very much. Love you, sis.
By: Corey Decker Aug 22, 2005
Nanny, you were the best Nanny in the world. You loved me like noone else could. You were the best person I could ever have to look up to. You made me happy when I was sad, you spoiled me when mom and dad said no, you let me do anything as long as it was safe and you knew I wouldn't get in trouble. I will always remember the lessons you taught me, and I will always remember your sparkling eyes and smile. I miss you so much. Please help keep us(me and Dani) safe and out of trouble. I pray for you every night and can't wait to see you again. I love you so much..... Your grandson, Corey
By: Leigh "Dink" Risch Decker Aug 14, 2005
My mom was a true angel. She loved unconditionally and I hope that each and every one of you knows how much she loved you. Mom would want me to say thank you to her sister's, who were the light of her life. She was so proud of y'all and wanted me to be like each of you. Thank you for loving her, and for needing her. Thank you to her brother, who made her feel special and loved. Thank you to her neices and nephews who made her feel like such a princess. (All the time, not just when she was sick). Thank you to those of you, (You know who you are) who helped us, who loved us, and who gave your time and energy to us, so that we could spend the last days with her with no worries. I will personally always be grateful to each of you and I know my mom felt very special. To my brothers, I love each of you. Mom was proud of each of you, and loved each of you with all of her heart and soul. To her grandchildren, remember the lessons that Nanny taught you. Treasure all of the time you got to spend with her and NEVER forget her. To my daddy, I love you very much. Thank you for loving mom and staying by her side. She loved you and so do I. Mom and I had a very special bond that can never be broken. I hope that through all of the hard and hurtful times that we are all going through, that we can take the hint and start living and loving more. Mom may have been a simple woman with simple tastes and simple values, but they were what made her so special. She didn't need material things to feel special. She loved the drawings and the little gifts that came from the heart more than any amount of money, anyone could have offered her. She loved her family and would have given anyone anything they needed. If you loved my mom, than take those lessons and LIVE like you're dying. Mom, I love you more than life itself, and there are days that I don't know how to go on. But, I know that you want me to LIVE and I promise that I will start doing that. Help me love unconditionally like you did, help me give of myself like you did everyday, help me make people feel special like you did, and above all else, help me be the person that you wanted me to be. I love you, I miss you. I'll see you soon. Love forever, your Leigh.
By: Cindy Berry Aug 13, 2005
Uncle Richard, Ricky, Keith, BobbyRay,Leigh,Inlaws, Grandchildren, and siblings....What a true treasure she was to us all....i have read the tributes so far and i can truely say the same about her....How blessed and fortunate we all were having her in our lives....I have never known someone so giving, trustworthy and loving....she truley is like our grandmother in ever way....an angel here on Earth....I too know how her heart broke when she lost my daddy....and i also know if it had been the other way around, it would have broke his as well....but now they are together, along with all of the loved ones gone on before...just waiting for us to follow one by one....The Price of Growing Up With Love, is tough....but i wouldn't change my family for anyone else's in the whole world....I think granmama would have just loved that song....and i know she is so happy knowing how much love has been left to carry on.....(Uncle Bobby, Aunt Shirley, Aunt Linda, and Aunt Tommie)

I know you kids will truely miss her....what a prize mother she was....what a wonderful sister she was...and what a precious Aunt she was....

She will never be forgotten...She will be truely missed...

I will for-ever love her...


PS: Aunt Annie if somehow you are seeing these tributes all in honor of you....hears a big hug and kiss and give some extra hugs and kisses for my sweet daddy who i miss sooooo much!!!!
By: Shannon Shaver Aug 4, 2005
My Aunt Annie was a large part of my childhood and I will treasure her memory forever. She was always one you could talk to and know that she would never betray your confidence in her. She loved me unconditionally. I will always remember her garden, the bowling alley, her TACOS, her scent that made you feel safe and her smile that made you know everything was okay for every summer I can remember. She made you feel like you were the only person in the world when she talked to you. Aunt Annie I will love you forever and my children will always know how wonderful you are because I will tell them our stories......I love you.
By: Tommie Emmite Aug 4, 2005
Annie, I know that you are in heaven because you've been an angel all along. You always knew what to

say...when to say it...when to listen...for everyone. You've been my best friend forever and I will

miss our phone calls every night. You listened to everyone's problems...made EVERYONE feel special and

helped us understand the meaning of "unconditional" love. You made us laugh...and made our problems a

lot easier to handle just by listening. You never betrayed a confidence and I will miss you every minute

of every day! I hope that I have learned from you...and I hope that I'm worthy of meeting you again

someday. You will live on in the hearts of all who knew you! I love you with all my heart and soul, L U C Y !
By: Linda Jordan Aug 1, 2005
Richard, Leigh, Bobby, Keith, Rick and to all who loved her...May God bless us all and bring us comfort from our loss. I feel as though a little piece of my own heart and soul have gone. Annie was my best friend, my confidante, my advisor, my champion, my hero, and my big sister. There has never been another one like her. She had so much of our mother in her. There are no words to describe the love I had for her. I am so grateful for all the memories I have, and will cherish them for the rest of my life. I thank God from the bottom of my heart that He gave her to this family. I don't know what we ever did to deserve the kind of uncondtional love God blessed this family with. Yes, the "price of growing up with love" is a high one indeed, but I wouldn't have "missed the dance" for anything. Four of us are in Heaven now, and four left here below. I know there will come a day when we'll all be together again because this circle can never be broken. To all of my great big wonderful family, I just want to say I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL! We have to be strong and just keep being here for each other...just like always!!
By: Linda Roach Jul 31, 2005
Uncle Richard, Rick, Keith, Bobby and Leigh....I love you all so very much and I am so very sorry for your loss. Let's promise that we will always be here for each other, just like we did in the last few days! I never want that bond to be broken! You guys mean the world to me! Uncle Richard, please remember that you are very important to this family, and we need you! We need your hugs and reassurance and we promise to give that same thing back to you! And we need to hear some more of your stories; we all treasure them so much! Don't forget how much we love you!

There are so many words that would describe my Aunt Annie! But the one that keeps coming to my mind is PURE! She was so real in her compassion and her love for you; you never doubted for a moment that when she said the words, "I Love You" that they weren't the truest words you had ever heard! She would give you the shirt right off of her back and never hesitate and yet you could give her the smallest of gifts and she would treasure it like it was made of pure gold! She was one of the most special women I have ever had the privilege of knowing and I am so blessed to have been able to call her "Aunt"! My Dad and Aunt Annie loved each other beyond comprehension! I know it hurt her so much to be here without him, it comforts me to know that they are together, waiting for all of us to join them! And one day we will! This all hurts so bad and our hearts are breaking, but remember, if this is "The Price of Growing Up With Love" then it was all well worth it!

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