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Bruce Todd Valigura
August 23, 1959 - August 27, 2005

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Mark Prether IIMickey & Debbi Edmondson
serena wooten & nicholasBlaine Radford
Bud, Mary Anne, & Amy GriffinBruce was like family to us, I'm so glad John had
suzanne bishopTammy Flores
Taz and Donna ThomasBen & Peggy Midulla
Diane ClarkDonna Simmons
I will miss you .Nat H. Davis III
Robert & Regina GreenBlaine Radford
Brenda HenkleBrenda Henkle (such a kind and giving heart)
Dennis JonesJohn Simmons
Shelly S. Goff


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By: Mark Prether Sep 13, 2005
I learned alot from you Bruce. To me, you were the smartest man I had ever met. You inspired me to do things I thought I couldnt do. You will always be in my heart and I will never forget you. I love you and will always miss you.

- Mark
By: serena wooten Sep 4, 2005
I wasn't able to know bruce for years unlike alot of other people but the time I did know him was precious even more than I originally thought. I know he treated my mom better than I think she's ever been treated and she treasured everyday with him as did my sister Chelsea. I appreciated how nice he was to me and my son from the beggining. He always thought of us. We had the pleasure of having bruce and joe come with us to Walt Disney World this summer on our family vacation and it's a vacation that I as well as my son will never forget.I don't know why he was taken from us so early in life but I know he's watching out for us all in heaven. I'll miss him forever. I just wish he would have had more time.
By: Blaine Radford Sep 3, 2005
While I had not keep in contact with Bruce since college, I often think of him. He was actually a bit of a role model for me. I always knew if I needed something I could count on Bruce, even recently I though after over 20 years without even talking if I called him and said Bruce I need help I am in Dallas I could have expected to see him in the next few hours, I just wish now I had needed him to help me. As far as a role model I have always tried to emulated his good nature and true caring for others. Anytime I help someone out it some way it is because I knew Bruce, he was always there to help anybody in any way he could. He will be missed
By: Tammy Flores Sep 1, 2005
I have not known Bruce for long but the man that I did have the oppurtunity to meet was great. Dana however has been in my life since I can remember and I know that any man that can steal her heart is an amazing individual. When my daughter came to me with a problem Bruce helped and when I cried in the courtroom Bruce just put his hand on my back and said it is o.k. they may have won the battle but WE will win the war. We will miss that person. Dana please remember that GOD only takes the best and Bruce was one of them.
By: lori fisher Sep 1, 2005
I was fortunate to get to meet Bruce through my lifetime friend Dana. I can remember the first phone calls that were made and how great she would sound after she met him. My daughter CJ and Chelsea grew up together as did Dana and I and CJ spent many weekends with Bruce and Dana, even a long hard trip to Florida this summer, but when CJ got home the trip was all about how much fun Bruce was. He truly was an awesome person, he treated me as if I had known him my entire life and truly made you feel a part of his family. I will miss getting to see a great wedding and I will miss getting to know Bruce better. God truly was in need of an angel and he couldn't have picked a better one. God bless you all
By: Diane Clark Aug 31, 2005
I was fortunate enough to meet Bruce when he began dating my cousin Dana. He very quickly became a part of our family and treated my daughter Jennifer and I as if we were part of his. It was very inspiring to see Bruce and Dana together as when you were around them there was no doubt that this was what true love is all about. Bruce was so kind and had such a great sense of humor he could always make you laugh. There has never been a man more humble or more of a true gentleman than Bruce. Just to see the way he and Dana looked at each other could restore anyone's faith in love. I'm so sorry I didn't have the opportunity to know him for a longer period of time, but feel blessed for the short time I did. I know God has a great need for an angel such as Bruce to have taken him so soon. He will be very missed and forever in our hearts.
By: Nat davis Aug 31, 2005
I have many childhood memories through boy scouts and high school - I am sure many a gray or lost hair was created for our parents (and don't think that Keith wasn't a part of that also)- as long as we are around you are not forgotten and live on in our memories - sorry to see you go and Keith you have my condolences Good Luck!
By: Rudolph Redden Aug 31, 2005
He was a man who always thought of everyone else bfore himself and I was priveleged to know him for thirty pus years . I will miss you Bruce! Rudy
By: Rudolph Redden Aug 31, 2005
He was a man who always thought of everyone else before himself and I was priveleged to know him for thirty plus years . I will miss you Bruce! Rudy
By: Dennis Jones Aug 30, 2005
Brucie- Always with that sly grin -- Always with that big old teddy bear image. Rest in peace my friend. Godspeed.
By: Shelly Goff Aug 30, 2005
Bruce was in many ways like a parent me. He was there for all of the important things in my life.

He watched as I grew up and became a parent myself. He stood by me through all of my hardships.

Bruce was my dad's best friend for 27 years and he stepped up to help my dad raise me when no one

else cared. But, Bruce was so much more than just a parental figure, he was always there when I

needed a friend. The love I have for him can never be expressed in words, nor the love he had for me.

Bruce will be sorely missed and there will always be a place for him in my heart and thoughts.
By: Brenda Henkle Aug 30, 2005
Bruce was what EVERYONE would wish for in a friend...... (and he also would understand that I don't have a clue as to what I'm suppose to be doing on this website).

Our friend Bruce, I know first hand, without a doubt, was one of a kind when it came to giving to his friends. Bruce was always an Unconditional ('I'm with you all the way') friend. This world has been SO blessed with him in it. NO words can even begin to describe how he'll be missed.

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